Who was Alice Hoagland and What was the Relation of Alice Hoagland with Mark Bingham

Alice Hoagland is the mother of Mark Bingham (A Gay of 9/11) who died on 11 September 2001 due to unacceptable terries’ attacks activity. Alice Hoagland was born on October 3, 1949, in the USA. Gerald Bingham is the husband of Alice Hoagland. In the hero’s list, the name of Alice Hoagland as the mother of Gay Rugby is prominent She died at the age of 71 years old in Los Garr’s. Hoagland was a flight attendant with an active mind personality. Alice Hoagland was divorced from Gerald Bingham in 1972 and was the mother of 1 child. Her son was ill-fated United Airlines flight #93 and that day was the last day with her conversation.

Mark Bingham loved her mother so much but unfortunately, he died in flight 93 in September 2001. The shocking day, when the world was going to change, was a horrible day for the United States when unexpected situations happen in various locations. There are numerous memorable pictures in which she shows her love for his son and has together albums. She always resale the mores of his son when he shared valued moments with her and she feels excited to get the best compliments from her son.

At the 31, Hoagland died and played for the champion Rugby Team in California. The gay rugby team performed a very good role and achieve lots of successful events. On the day of 911, he was in Flight 93 which was hijacked and that call was of just 3 minutes. Kathy Hoagland was the wife of Hoagland who also not attended the last phone from of the plan. The whole family do not notice such calls and not but after some moments his mother talked to him for 3 minutes and was worried about his condition. She was not having to acknowledge what is going to happen and what was the situation of the air plan.

9/11 Timeline explores many secrets which happened with the passengers when they feel the worse conditions of their lives. The entire plan and all passengers were going to die to face unexpected situations, They were unaware of what is actually happening with the are lives and their lives were at the end. Hijackers do not give them a chance for survival and they all faced death on September 11, 2001. The reaction from the Hijackers with the passengers was unexpected. Records of the phone calls from the passengers from Flight 93 explroe different plans with their families when they shared that they have hijacked and everyone was wishing for survival from the worse condition but unfortunately the plane crashed with a building and all faced death.

Three death of Mark was a sad inspiration for gay rugby and they cannot forget such loss which was unrepeatable for them. Alice Hoagland was died on December 22, 2020, after spending her long life. She remains upset and sorrowful for his child’s death. She always remains upset due to her son’s loss in the air crash. 

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