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Which Is The coldest winter city

Which city is the coldest in Canada. You might be surprised to find out that the coldest city in Canada is not actually located in what you would think would be the most appropriate place-the province of Quebec. But it’s actually the Northwest Territories capital of Yellowknife, with a mean temperature of -28 degrees Celsius or -18 degrees Fahrenheit.

Name of coldest winter city (correction up to u)

  1. Nuuk, Greenland
  2. Minsk, Belarus
  3. Astana, Kazakhstan
  4. Kirovsk, Russia
  5. Salekhard, Russia
  6. Omsk, Russia
  7. Yukon Territory of Canada
  8. Yakutsk, Russia
  9. Mongolia’s Ulaanbaatar City
  10. Quebec City, Canada
  11. Winnipeg, Canada
  12. Novosibirsk, Russia
  13. Calgary, Canada
  14. Edmonton, Canada
  15. Montreal, Canada
  16. Quebec City of Canada
  17. London, England
  18. Glasgow, Scotland 32. Warsaw, Poland
  19. Minneapolis-St Paul in the United States 30th Place
  20. Warsaw, Poland
  21. Reykjavik, Iceland
  22. Ljubljana, Slovenia
  23. Krasnoyarsk, Russia 25th Place
  24. Nagano City in Japan 23rd Place 22nd Place
  25. Tallinn, Estonia 20th place
  26. Beijing, China 18th Place
  27. Helsinki, Finland 16th Place
  28. Fargo in the U.S 14th Place 13th Place
  29. Seoul, South Korea 11st place 10th place
  30. Riga, Latvia 8nd place
  31. Harbin City in China 6rd place
  32. Tallinn of Estonia 5rd Place
  33. Poland’s Warsaw City of 4th Place
  34. Rovaniemi of Finland 2nd place

1st place: Yellowknife in Canada

No matter where on the planet you live, you know the kind of winters we get here in Canada can be pretty brutal at times! Even though some of us are used to it, the kind of cold that’s required for you to have icicles hanging from your nose is not something any normal human being would want to live with.

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