How to Increase Your Followers More Naturally

Building an account on Instagram isn’t an easy thing to do. It takes time and effort to grow your small account into a popular one. You can always gain Instagram followers free by providing unique and interesting content that people are looking after.

Although there’s the Instagram followers app you can find around, Instagram will reward your account better if you take a natural approach instead of the cutting-corner and instant method. 

Now, if you want to grow your followers more naturally, here’s what you need to do :

How to Increase Your Followers More Naturally

1. Post Content Consistently

Before using the Instagram followers hack, you can start posting consistently. To get followers quickly, it turns out that not only does it add interesting content, but you have to research a little about when is the right time for other users to access Instagram. 

You may gain the information by looking at the type of profession of your followers. If your followers are mostly employees, then you can upload content during breaks or late in the evening. That way, the chances of your followers seeing the latest posts you posted will be very large and attract other followers to follow your account. You may gain Instagram followers free too, in the process.

In addition, according to research, posting content/photos consistently every day can increase the number of followers four times faster than posting only one time a week. With this information, you can now strategize when the time is right to post product images.

To maximize the results, you can experiment by posting several times periodically on one day or a different day; then, you look for when your post gets the most likes or comments. So, it can be concluded that at that time, many of your followers were active.

2. Create Interesting Contests or Giveaways

Aside from using the Instagram followers app, like Ins Followers, you can start getting more followers by having a giveaway event. A giveaway is a great method you can take to increase the number of followers. 

By holding a giveaway, you can make rules so that many people can know about your account, for example, with rules requiring reposting, following Instagram accounts and tagging friends. This directly introduces other users to participate in the giveaway and automatically increases the number of followers.

This method is effective for increasing the number of followers, likes and traffic to the account you have and will be very helpful in selling products.

3. Promotion Through The Endorsement System

To increase the number of followers, you can collaborate with famous artists or icons and have many followers to promote your products. This is usually what we call an endorsement. 

This system is known to be effective for marketing products and increasing the number of followers. The form of endorsement varies depending on your request and the rules set by the influencer. 

Usually, influencers remarket a product by advertising back to their followers by posting via Instagram stories, posts and writings. In addition to promoting products, you can ask influencers to promote your account so that the followers of the influencer can easily find out about the account and have a great chance of becoming your followers.


As you can see, there are a lot of options you have besides using the Instagram followers hack. You can gain more followers naturally this way, and seeing your Instagram grow naturally; the platform will reward you with even more engagement. So, before using the instant methods, we highly suggest trying the normal ways first and see which technique works best for you.

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