What is Swarovski? Explain its factor and why it is so popular?


Swarovski is the one of most famous jewelry brands in the world and it has been for over a century. Their swan logo is known as throughout the world as are their jewelry, crystals, miniatures, and chandeliers. The Swarovski crystals are the famous for their exceptional quality and versatility as the fashion accessories. But it has many customers that are perplexed by the comparatively high cost of these items. And many consumers have come to recognize and appreciate the Swarovski name. There is a lot of mystery behind this brand are high price tag, and the many consumers are wondering as to why this is. Swarovski Crystals is offers the jewelry and ornament crystals of the all price and quality ranges. That is one of the many reasons which is why the brand is so popular. It has also something for almost everyone.

What is Swarovski?

Swarovski is an old Austrian jewelry brand that was launched by the Daniel Swarovski in 1895. The Swarovski Crystals is a leading provider of the high-quality crystals for the jewelry and ornaments. Swarovski jewelry is described with the word of precious and highest-quality crystals today. Whether you are looking for the  Swarovski earrings or the Swarovski rings, you can getting the range of the captivating Swarovski jewelry at the best online stores such as you can find the precious collection of Swarovski jewelry at Cate and Chloe. So, The Swarovski Collection at Cate and Chloe is the truly unforgettable and you can complete your special look for with their luxurious jewelry. So, the Swarovski is an iconic Austrian based company that makes leaded glass crystal products for jewelry and decoration.

Most Interesting Facts about Swarovski:

Swarovski crystals are typically created through the chemical coatings that which are also impressively and durable that can survive a lifetime with the proper care. If you are known about jewelry, then you will also know that Swarovski is one of the great names on the market. So, we describe some facts that are helpful for Swarovski famous:

Swarovski Crystals are not Naturally Occurring:

Crystals might be occurring in the nature, but the Swarovski is not crystals. They’re actually the lead glass crystals that created by the using of quartz, sand, and minerals. In fact, that is about 32% lead. Why is lead and why you might be wondering? As it is turns out, the lead is helps to maximize the refraction in the crystals. And the Colors are created by using chemical coatings, but the clear crystals are actually more difficult to produce because they cannot they contain any impurities.

Swarovski Crystal isn’t Actually Crystal:

Swarovski crystal isn’t crystal at the all. That is not a gem either. It is actually the form of glass that created with a patented process. The Crystal nerds will be able to spot the difference on the sight, because the Swarovski has a higher refraction in index than the true crystal that is closer to a diamond. This is achieved with the precision cutting and the polishing for the sparkle you love.

Swarovski is More Expensive than Glass:

If Swarovski is the more or less a glass crystal, then why is it the more expensive than the glass jewelry? Compared to the other glass jewelry products, the Swarovski uses the higher quality materials. And the process of creating even the one crystal is also complicated.

The Jewels Debuted in Blonde Venus:

If you are known about latest jewelry trend then you will know the Swarovski involved Marlene Dietrich, This 1932 film is served as the Swarovski’s silver screen debut. Costumes and jewelry all the glittered with the crystals and that is not long afterward, an endless line of the blonde starlets appeared onscreen and on the red carpet in the crystals.

There are Eight Ways to Tell if yours is real:

There are the eight ways to test the authenticity of your jewelry:

·         There shouldn’t be the any bubbles in the crystal

·         All facets should meet and the point upwards

·         Each crystal should be identical in the size and cut

·         If the crystals are part of the same color family, then they should look identical

·         There should be no scratches on the surface and not any oily sheen

·         Only Swarovski pearls are the sold strung together

·         The crystals should have a shine with comparable to a diamond

·         Ideally, the crystals should be come from an authorized retailer

Why Swarovski is so popular?

As the compared to other glass jeweler, the Swarovski jeweler is made of the extremely high-quality crystal glass. With the high quality crystals that come from a very uniform structure and which are offers to the Swarovski crystals amazing clarity. Swarovski is began to the flourish in the hands of iconic fashion and it designers such as Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli and the Cristobal Balenciaga, who is set new fashion rules, and using the Swarovski crystals. So, the Swarovski Crystal has a chemical coating that is used for the  create the many different colors of the crystals.


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