10 Tips for Better English Speaking: How to Speak English With Fluency

How to speak English

In this section, we’ll examine some common mistakes people make when they speak English. If you have a problem with your pronunciation or accent, these tips should help you get it right.

Section 2: English pronunciation

This section describes how you pronounce English words. Here are some common pronunciation mistakes that most people make, along with some tips to avoid them.

Incorrect pronunciation:

I just had the worst pizza. It was just a little bit salty.

Mean Pronunciation:

“You’ve got the absolute worst pizza, and it’s a little bit salty.”

Correct pronunciation:

“Your pizza is just a little bit salty.”

Mean Pronunciation:

“Your pizza is just a little bit salty.”

Correct pronunciation:

“Your pizza is just a little bit salty.

Practice speaking more often

Be confident with your speaking. Practice speaking as much as possible. Remember, English is a language with many accents so make sure you speak with your own accent, otherwise the listeners will not understand you.

Be aware of the details

Always keep track of the details of the conversation. Remember to listen carefully to the other person as well.

Don’t just talk, listen as well

Keep an eye out for details. Pay attention to the other person’s body language. You may ask for help or feedback to improve your language skills and listen to their input as well.

Reflect on your own sentence and others.

Take some time and reflect on your sentences. Use the feedback from your listener.

When to introduce and finish sentences.

Listen to more spoken English

On this podcast, we’ve got ten tips for better English speaking. Some tips you’ve heard, some will be a surprise. All of them will help improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. We think the best way to improve your English is to listen to as many good spoken English interviews as possible.

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10 Tips for Better English Speaking: How to Speak English With Fluency

Tamara Kiseleska is a freelance writer, storyteller, and blogger. She currently lives in Malmö, Sweden. She’s been learning English for over two years.

No matter your level of English, she enjoys interviewing successful people and sharing their insights.

Find a better way to prepare for an interview

There is no better way to start than taking a look at the following 10 tips. They are all simple ideas, but the only thing you need to remember is to implement them right from the start. As an employer, you will appreciate having that extra hand, and that extra initiative, to promote yourself.

1. Asking for More Information

It’s common for people to start off on the wrong foot at the beginning of an interview, and that is the case for the majority of people. There are certain things you need to know, so take a look at our infographic and see what you can find.

2. Giving a Good Handshake

If you are not used to handshakes, you can still use it to get some practice. Remember, you don’t want to create a bad impression right from the start.

Listen to native speakers and learn from them

Believe it or not, your English speaking skills are your true native language. It’s a language that is automatically made for you to communicate with native speakers. People who have never set foot on English soil speak the language with perfect comprehension.

But how do we expect to have perfect comprehension if we don’t listen to native speakers?

This is the reason why we decided to create this blog in the first place. Our main goal is to give you helpful tips on how to improve your English speaking.

As a first step, we’d like to suggest you to listen to native speakers of your native language.

First, of course, you should listen to native speakers of the language you are currently learning. This will help you make better assessments of what you have learned so far.

Let your friends speak English with you regularly

You can learn new phrases, words and expressions from your friends. That is a great way to improve your English skills. On top of that, you’ll also be learning a lot from their experience.

Apart from talking to your friends, you can also make an effort to learn some basic grammar rules from the internet. For example, let’s say you want to order a pizza in English and your friend will be translating for you, you can learn a few grammar rules from your friend. But remember: your friend will be learning English just as you are and you should make sure to show respect.

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