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Alternative news is a type of news that is not typically found in mainstream media. This term has been growing in popularity in recent years, as people become more interested in finding sources of information that are different from the traditional media.

There are many reasons why alternative news is becoming more popular. One reason is that mainstream news outlets often produce biased reporting. They may report facts that support the interests 180chan of their sponsors or they may omit important information that would contradict their story.

Another reason why people are interested in alternative news is because it provides a different perspective on events. Many people find it difficult to trust mainstream media sources, because they often have a liberal bias. Alternative news sources, on the other hand, are often more conservative in their reporting. However, they still provide accurate information about events.

Overall, alternative news sources provide an interesting and informative source of information. They offer a different perspective on events that can challenge the traditional view of the world.

How did 180chan come to be?


180chan is a subreddit that functions as an online bulletin board for discussing various alternative news stories and theories. The site was founded in 2012 by user “HanA**holeSolo” after he was banned from 4chan for posting a racist image.

180chan quickly became popular among conspiracy theorists, trolls, and other online miscreants. The site’s popularity soared after the 2016 United States Presidential election, when users used it to discuss the numerous conspiracy theories surrounding then-candidate Donald Trump.

180chan remains an active site, with posts containing both genuine news stories and wild conspiracy theories. The site has also been used to discuss various issues affecting the alt-right movement, such as the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017.

Who’s behind 180chan?

180chan, an alternative news forum, has been ban by Facebook. What does this mean for the site and its users?

180chan is a forum that allows its users to share and discuss articles from a variety of different sources. The site was originally create as a way for people to share alternative news stories that might not be cover by mainstream media.

Facebook banned 180chan because the site shares articles from sites that are classify as hoaxes or satirical publications. These types of sites are typically used to promote false information, which is why Facebook classify 180chan as an alternative news forum.

This ban will have little impact on the majority of 180chan’s users, who rely on Facebook to share alternative news stories. However, it will be more difficult for new users to find and join the forum, which could lead to its decline in popularity.

Who reads the content on 180chan?

180chan is a website that allows users to post anonymously. This website is known for its controversial content, and it has been described as the “alternative news network of the internet.”

180chan is a great place to find information that is not typically found on other websites. For example, on 180chan you can find information about conspiracy theories and hidden knowledge.

180chan is also a great source of information for people who want to stay up to date on the latest news stories. You can find stories about politics, science, and technology on this website.

If you are looking for information that is not available on mainstream websites, then 180chan is the website for you!

Why did they make their platform free?

One of the main reasons why World’s Best Alternative News (WBAI) made their platform free is because they want to provide a space for people to share their voices and ideas.

The WBAI team believes that anyone should be able to access information and ideas, regardless of their income or social status. They want to help people connect with each other and learn about new ideas.

By making their platform free, the WBAI team is able to provide more information and resources to their users. They also hope that this will help to increase participation in their community and bring more people together.

What are some of the best features on the site?

One of the best features on World’s Best Alternative News is the wide variety of articles that you can access. You can find everything from political news to entertainment news to health and fitness information.

Another great feature of the site is the fact that it is completely free to use. There are no ads or charges whatsoever, which makes it a great choice for people who want unbiased news. Plus, there are no restrictions on how often you can visit the site. You can visit it as often as you like without worrying about incurring any costs.

Overall, World’s Best Alternative News offers a wide variety of quality content that is free to use. It is a great choice for people who want unbiase news that is not Sponsor by any corporation.


If you’re looking for a news site that offers an alternative perspective on the world, then chan is your best bet. The site consistently delivers quality reporting with a focus on social justice and environmental sustainability. Whether you’re looking for information about current events or just want to read something that won’t make you feel like you’re living in a bubble, chan is worth checking out.

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