Importance of 30 60 90 triangle

A 30-60-90 triangle is a special right triangle. A 30-60-90 triangle has angles that measure 30 degrees, 60 degrees and 90 degrees. It also has 3 sides where the lengths of two of them are always equal and the length of the other one is always 120% greater than that.

30-60-90 triangle

It is called a 30-60-90 triangle because of its shape, which can be made by folding a square piece of paper along a line that’s 30 degrees from horizontal and another line that’s 60 degrees from horizontal.

Tips for making 30 60 90 triangle

The 30-60-90 triangle is a special right triangle. There are a few tricks to making one.

You start by choosing a point, which can be any point on the screen or in your paper. Then you use the sliders to set the proportions of the hypotenuse and two adjacent sides, which should be 3:4:5 respectively (3 for the hypotenuse; 4 for the left side; 5 for the right).

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