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In 2009, famed extreme sports athlete and adventurer, Amiep Bonn-Miller died after falling from a cliff while filming her descent on camera. In the footage that was recorded before she fell, Bonn-Miller can be seen traversing a dangerous slope with ease. However, minutes after she started filming her descent, Bonn-Miller fell 800 feet to her death. Since her death, the video footage of Bonn-Miller’s Final Moments has captured the interest of many people. Some viewers have wondered why she didn’t stop filming once she realized that something was wrong, while others have speculated about the conditions on the slope she was climbing at the time. However, it seems as though much of this speculation is based on unconfirmed reports and assumptions. Until now – the death of Amiep Bonn-Miller has remained a mystery.

Background of the footage

The video footage of the final moments of actress and author Dawn Brancheau was released on Thursday, two days after her death. The footage shows that Brancheau was attacked by a tiger at the Cincinnati Zoo, where she worked as a zookeeper. After the attack, Brancheau can be seen being dragged into the moat by the tiger before it ultimately killed her.

While many have been quick to condemn the zoo for its apparent negligence in not monitoring the animal more closely, others have pointed out that allowing visitors to interact with tigers is also a risk factor. In response to mounting criticism, the zoo has announced that it will no longer allow people to get close to any of its animals.

What is seen in the footage

The footage of the final moments of journalist Dawn Brancheau’s life was released to the public on Wednesday. In it, you can see the killer, Peter O’Toole, holding her head underwater while she struggles for air.

According to prosecutors, O’Toole did this in hopes that she would die and he could claim her body as his own. The footage shows him laughing as she gasps for air before going still.

Brancheau’s death has sparked outrage across the country and many people are looking for ways to make sense of what happened. Many are asking why someone would want to kill a journalist who was simply doing her job.

Some are also questioning whether O’Toole should have been allowed to go free after being convicted of manslaughter in 2013. At the time, his lawyer argued that his client had a mental illness at the time of the attack, but prosecutors said that didn’t excuse his actions.

What happened after the footage was taken

After footage of the fatal accident that killed actress and reality TV star Dawn Brancheau surfaced online, speculation ran rampant as to what had happened between the time the camera stopped recording and when rescue crews arrived.

The video clearly shows Dawn struggling in the water with her dog, Tiger, next to her overturned boat. It’s not clear how long she was under the surface before help arrived.

While the footage doesn’t give us a clear idea of what happened in those final moments, it’s likely that Dawn was fighting for her life until help arrived.

What could have been done to save her

On July 2, 2008, 34-year-old climber and adventurer Dawn Brancheau was killed while climbing in Half Dome National Monument in California. The event prompted an outpouring of grief and shock across the globe.

Since Dawn’s death, there has been much speculation as to what could have been done to save her. In this blog post, we take a look at some of the key factors that may have contributed to her death.

1. Poorly designed equipment
One of the major factors that contributed to Dawn’s death was the poorly designed equipment she was using. She was using a harness that was not properly fitted and was not properly secured to her climbing gear. This allowed her body weight to pull on the line connecting the harness to her climbing gear, which caused the line to snap.

2. Failed rappel
Another factor that may have contributed to Dawn’s death was the failed rappel. After failing to reach the summit of Half Dome, Dawn attempted to rappel down the mountain using a new line she had just set up. However, due to poor knotting skills, the line quickly became tangled and eventually broke free from Dawn’s rappel device, sending her tumbling hundreds of feet


As you can see from the video footage below, dawn brancheau’s final moments were not as peaceful as we had hoped. Unfortunately, this tragic event has caused many people to ask questions about what could have been done differently to prevent Dawn’s death. This begs the question: how do we protect ourselves and our loved ones from being in a similar situation? There is no simple answer, but by educating ourselves on potential danger zones and taking some basic safety precautions, we may be able to reduce the chances of something like this happening in the future.

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