A New PyTorch Library: Actnn

What is Actnn?

ActNN is a new PyTorch library that implements a recurrent neural network (RNN) model for natural language processing. It provides a simple and fast way to build deep learning models for text prediction, sentiment analysis, and more is based on the Torch RNN module and works with both PyTorch 1.0 and 2.0.

ActNN is a PyTorch library that uses powerful recurrent neural network (RNN) models in order to tackle text prediction, sentiment analysis, and more. It contains a variety of pre-trained models for text classification, named entity recognition, and language modeling. You can use these trained models to create your own custom RNN with the actnn model builder. If you’re new to deep learning, check out our PyTorch Intro Series!

Install ActNN in Python

How Does Actnn Work?


ActNN is a new library for PyTorch that uses a Neural Network Architecture to learn and predict outcomes of events was created by researchers at Facebook AI Research (FAIR) is said to be more accurate than other neural network libraries, like TensorFlow, and it is also faster. Now that we have a good feel for the structure of our data science problem, let’s take a look at how we might solve it.

To begin, let’s create a simple model to predict whether an event has happened in the past, like the movie Titanic. We’ll create two models here. The first will be a Softmax classifier and the second will be an ordinary neural network with some sigmoidal activation functions and regularization (this is more complex than just using one neural network with different learning rates and hyperparameters).

from actnn import actnn from torchvision_baselines import imageinput as img import numpy as np class TitanicSoftmaxClassifier ( object ): def __

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Actnn?

ActNN is a new pytorch library that offers several advantages and disadvantages over other existing libraries


-ActNN can accelerate deep learning models with less data.

-It has better memory management than some other libraries.

-This is more efficient at implementing convolutional networks.


-It requires more training time than some other libraries.

-This may not be well suited for use in mobile devices or on low-power devices.

How much will a standard model with actnn cost in terms of memory consumption?

A new PyTorch library called  promises to be memory efficient, and has already been released. We wanted to know how much a standard model with would consume in terms of memory consumption uses a 4-layer Convolutional Neural Network, with the following parameters:

We found that PyTorch’s default model using  consumes 35Mb of memory, while being train on an NVIDIA Titan V GPU with TensorRT and cuDNN7.5 install. If we use cuDNN6.0 instead of 7.5, the memory consumption drops to 28Mb, which is still quite a lot compared to most other models using the same amount


Recently, a new PyTorch library called has been release. This library provides a solution for training Neural Network models using data parallelism. This is an important development as it allows for more efficient training of large neural networks on massive datasets. If you are looking to implement deep learning in your projects or if you are working with large datasets, then ActNN is worth checking out.

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