Allscripts EMR vs Liquid EHR: Which software is the most suitable?

Allscripts EMR Software offers a management solution for healthcare organizations of nearly every size and specialty, from little ambulatory offices to large hospital systems with multiple departments. Users have access to appointment management, staff schedule management, billing and payment management, and more. Patient data including demographics, appointment history, and patient notes are also accessible online. It aids health-care organizations with secretarial and administrative work, as well as day-to-day operations. It is available on a month-to-month basis for each user. 

A patient communication system, appointment scheduler, e-Prescribing, electronic insurance filing, and other features are all part of the electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management system for optometry called Liquid EHR. Users of the scheduler can monitor waitlists, book and reschedule appointments, check appointment availability, and access patient records. Users can access patient appointments, historical billings, patient histories, diagnoses, and recalls. They can also construct recalls, attach family members to the primary insurer, and do a number of other things with patient records. 

This article will shed light on the key features, pricing, demo and reviews of the two software, keep reading to learn more. 

Allscripts EMR  

Allscripts is aware of the challenges involved in delivering top-notch treatment while still meeting administrative and budgetary goals. As medicine changes and the newest trends upend the status quo, Allscripts EMR aims to be your digital collaborator and help you. The curriculum will be a constant force in your life, helping you to give every patient the greatest care in any circumstance. Because of its functionality, Allscripts EMR software is among the best EMR vendors on our list. The EMR features in Allscripts are particularly well thought out. Reviews of Allscripts EMR frequently laud their excellence. You may enable your patients to design their own road to a healthy lifestyle while keeping a strong connection with your clinic if you have Allscripts EMR on your team. 

Allscripts EMR Key Features 

Document Management  

The management of documents is crucial for medical practices, but it is not always easy to implement. Because matching patient records is not a simple operation, it is indeed energy-consuming. Clinicians are incapable of documenting patient notes in the manner intended in the examination room. It’s because patients want to be heard and expect attention. 

Population Health Tool 

Its community health management platform, CareInMotion, provides access to patient interaction, data analytics, coordinated patient care, and more. It allows practitioners to look into the health of a bigger population while focusing on more local medical issues relating to their health system. 

Patient Records

Clinicians can utilize an electronic health record (EHR) to chronicle, document, and save a patient’s medical information for later use. It’s intended for both specialized clinics and larger hospital systems, with different solutions depending on whether you offer outpatient or inpatient care. 

Allscripts EMR Pricing 

The pricing of the software is not publicly available. But this is because it can be customized. 

Allscripts EMR Demo 

With the help of a demo, interested customers can always learn to operate the software. This allows you to invest in software that is suitable for your work. 

Allscripts EMR Reviews 

Over 95% of those who praised the system said it was easy to comprehend, utilize, and maintain. All reviewers who mentioned the EHR complemented its ability to save patient records and charts for later use and effective monitoring. All customers who discussed performance claimed that it might be sluggish and glitchy, occasionally crashing, freezing, locking users out, producing error messages, and taking a long time to load. 

Liquid EHR  

Optometrists are the primary audience for Liquid EHR Software’s offerings. The program has capabilities for managing medical records and many tools for keeping track of an optometrist’s office and practice, like a dynamic scheduler. Users of the portal can also access clinical summaries, see lab test results, and remind patients. Features like audit logs, access controls, and encryption are also present. Given that the optometry office doesn’t necessarily require its own servers, it is a workable solution. A secure location for storing and accessing patient data as well as other program features is offered by Liquid EHR Software. Users can access the program through the cloud from any location. 

Liquid EHR Key Features 


Electronic insurance filing tools, patient recalls, drug interaction and allergy interaction checks, problem lists, active medication lists, prescription suggestions, educational resources, smoking status, and vital signs are all available to doctors. 

Electronic Prescribing 

In addition to incorporating lab test findings, seeing clinical summaries, and sending patient reminders, users can also incorporate lab test results. Access controls, audit records, and encryption capabilities are also included. 


Patient data and other programme features can be safely stored and accessed with the Liquid EHR Software. The software is made to be accessed over the cloud from anywhere. Since Liquid EHR software is extensible and has no user cap, it is a practical alternative for almost any eye care facility. 

Liquid EHR Pricing 

The starting price for LiquidEHR is $199 per month per user. They also provide their customers with a personalized pricing strategy. 

Liquid EHR Demo 

With the help of a liquid EHR demo, users can understand the working strategy of the software. Moreover, it also makes users aware of the software’s functions.  

Liquid EHR Reviews 

The software offers a wide range of accessibility choices to users, according to online reviews. A few choices include access to tools for filing insurance claims electronically, checks for drug interactions and allergies, problem lists, prescription recommendations, and smoking status. There have been some complaints as well regarding the speed of the software, it lags a lot and sometimes customer support is not helpful either. 


Both software programs have been evaluated thoroughly and their features, pricing etc. have been discussed. This will help interested buyers to make a conscious choice based on the needs of the practice.  

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