Amirah O’Neal Complete Biography


Amirah O’Neal is a famous basketball player who was born on November 3, 2001. She is the daughter of Shaquille O’Neal and his wife, Shaunie O’Neal. Like her father, Amirah has also committed herself to play basketball and she is now a member of the Texas Southern University women’s basketball team. However, her mother has supported her desire to pursue an acting career. According to her father’s 400 million net worth, Amirah shares her $400 million net worth with her father.


Amirah O’Neal’s height is 7 meters and weight is 147 kg and she weighs 325 pounds. Her birth date is 3rd November 2001, and she was born in Los Angeles, California. Her parents are Shaquille O’Neal’s cousins, but she prefers to keep her personal life private. As a result, the actress has not revealed her marital status, nor is she even married. She also has two sisters, but they are not yet romantically involved.

Basketball Player

Amirah O’Neal has never mentioned her boyfriend. She is a professional basketball player and is focused on her career. She is not in a relationship as of yet. At this point, she is concentrating on her career. This is why she needs to keep her personal life low-key. The wrong information about her personal life can affect her career and her family life.

20 Year Age College Student

Amirah O’Neal is a 20-year-old college basketball player. Amirah’s net worth is $292 million. Basically, her parents met while working on the movie “Hooked.” Her mother Shaunie O’Neal is a single mother. Her father is an athlete. Their son Myles is their oldest child. Their mother has three children. Amirah O’Neal biography is a fascinating read.

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Flexible games

Amirah O’Neal is a celebrity basketball player who has starred in many professional games. She is the daughter of NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal and Basketball Wives LA reality star Shaunie Nelson. Amirah O’Neal’s parents met when she was just a baby. After the marriage, she began dating and later got married.

Play For Southern University

Amirah O’Neal is a basketball player who plays for Texas Southern University. Her parents are famous for her appearances on TV and in the media. The couple has two sisters, who are the subjects of her reality show. Nevertheless, Amirah O’Neal’s family is quite close and supportive of each other. They are supportive of each other.

Amirah O’Neal’s parents

Amirah O’Neal’s parents are both very protective of their daughters. She attended school in Santa Monica, California, but switched to homeschooling during her senior year due to a coronavirus pandemic. During her junior year, she was named Cal-Hi Sports Division IV All-State. The next two years, she played basketball for the Los Angeles Finest.

Final Words

Amirah O’Neal’s father, Shaquille, is a former professional basketball player and creator of Basketball Wives. She was born in November 2001 and married in 2002. She has five siblings. Amirah’s father is a renowned NBA player and her mother, Shaunie Nelson. The couple is famous for their tv show “Basketball Wives”.



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