Ascari Moss Rose Gold & Filippo Loreti Ascari Review

Ascari Moss Rose Gold & Filippo Loreti Ascari Review

Ascari Moss Rose Gold: Filippo Loreti is a youthful watch brand that is at present praising its fifth year in business. Established on the possibility of DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) promoting it makes quality watches at truly sensible costs. I was adequately lucky to will invest some energy with the Ascari Moss Rose Gold, and I need to say the watch doesn’t disillusion particularly while considering its present retail deals cost of $179.00.

The Ascari line gives proper respect to the amazing 1950’s Ferrari Grand Prix driver Alberto Ascari. The case back is embellished with the similarity of the Lancia D50, the last vehicle Ascari drove before resigning. All of Filippo’s watches are here and there or one more enlivened by Italy and Italian plan. Their men’s watch lines incorporate the Venice, Florentine, Rome, Odyssey, Okeanos, Arsenal, and a new Skeleton programmed. Filippo’s lines are continually changing with a large number of their watches being restricted releases.

Even though the Ascari is going in a jam-packed piece of the market value astute, it stands its ground. The particulars aren’t anything that will cause you to pay attention, yet it is a strong watch with decent development, pleasant case, and five-star quality. As I would see it what separates the Ascari, and this is valid for all the Filippo Loreti watch lines, is Style.

The Specifications

  • Case Size: 42mm x 11.9mm thick
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel Case
  • Dial: Moss Green
  • Glass: Flat Sapphire Coated Mineral Glass
  • Tie: 20mm Moss Green Rubber
  • Development: Seiko VD54

Initial feelings

At the point when I clench hand-discovered Filippo Loreti on the web, I was quickly taken with their great shading ways and an assortment of styles in plain view. I was promptly attracted to the Ascari Moss Rose Gold just as the Odyssey Sand and Steel, however as I’m as of now living in the Pacific Northwest, and encompassed by pines, I chose to go for the green.

At 42mm I was anticipating that the Ascari should wear somewhat bigger than it does. Conceded my wrists are a little on the enormous size at 7.25″ or 184.15mm. This isn’t a major issue using any means, indeed it is somewhat ideal to track down an energetic watch that doesn’t stand out and beat on stuff like my 50mm G-Shocks.

What sticks out with regards to the Moss Green Ascari is its style. I ran into my old neighbor at the supermarket and she continued to gaze at the Ascari lastly remarked on the amount she loved it. I have many watches, some pricy, some huge and flashy, some uncommon and remarkable, yet I infrequently get open remarks about my watches, getting seen is quite a statement about the Ascari’s style.

The development in the Ascari, the Seiko VD54 is a strong development that utilizes a 371 battery with a common life expectancy of around 3 years. This gem less development should have run for quite a long time, my stepfather had a no gem development in one of the first Mondaine Swiss Rail style watches from the ’80s. That watch was on his wrist consistently for well more than 35 years before it kicked the bucket, I expect nothing less from the VD54.

Another element that I have observed to be very useful on the Ascari is the double-time bezel. Most chronographs have a proper bezel with tachometer stamping for timing speed. The Ascari bezel with its 12-hour markings has been extraordinary while I’ve been voyaging this month, I just set it for the time region my family is in and I generally know when I can and can’t call.

Assuming I needed to get demanding with regards to the Ascari I could say that it needs a sapphire gem glass, top-of-the-line lume, or a swiss programmed development, yet actually, Ascari needn’t bother with those. I would go so far as to say overhauling the watch would detract from what the Filippo Loreti watch line is. The Ascari is an upscale/trendy quality watch at an incredible cost. You could get a lower part of the line Seiko or a major sounding Invicta for comparative cash, yet would you truly need to when a snappy attractive Filippo Loreti is accessible?

The Strap

I quite often trade out watch groups when I get a new watch, however, I have not with the Ascari. Regularly, I could do without elastic ties however the shading, feel and style of the green tie that accompanies this watch works extraordinary. If I somehow managed to trade the lash I think the main thing that would work is a decent cowhide tie, however, it would be the specific right shade of green to work with the watch.

I entertained the concept of putting the Ascari on an earthy-colored lash just as on a few shades of 20mm NATO’s that I have. Yet, none of them functioned just as the green elastic that accompanied the watch. Once more, this truly says that Filippos Designer is truly large and in charge, the Ascari Moss Rose Gold is a well however through the item.


Filippo Loreti has tracked down a novel equilibrium in the watch world between horological workmanship and a quality design thing. I can undoubtedly see claiming a few Filippo Loreti watches to fill the design openings in my watch assortment. Of course, you can get a green and gold watch from Rolex or an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, or you can get some modest imitation Chinese piece of garbage. With Filippo Loreti you get an incredible watch that is beautiful for not exactly two or three hundred bucks.

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