Benefits of Wellness hamper in Singapore


Wellness hamper is a concept that is gaining ground especially in Singapore. It’s the idea of rewarding yourself with a gift basket after completing an activity that you’ve been meaning to do for some time. Now, more companies are offering wellness hampers as a type of employee reward. Furthermore, they are being offered as an incentive to complete personal goals and pledges by companies too—to motivate employees into getting healthy and staying active. Wellness hamper in Singapore is rewarding and motivating by positive reinforcement. It has many benefits including;

  1. Employee engagement

Employee motivation is a way of ensuring that they’re serious about their job and don’t slack off by sitting in the house all day. It also motivates them to stay healthy. Most people have a tendency to work better when they’re happy and healthy. Wellness hampers are a way of giving incentives and motivation. They are also a good way of acknowledging employee achievements and accomplishments.

  1. Good employee retention

Therefore, it is important that you offer all your employees wellness hampers as an incentive for health or personal goals. It will help you keep good employees as well as attracting new ones.

  1. Unlimited choices

You can also customize your wellness hampers as well. They are available in different sizes and shapes, colors, designs and even flavors. This allows you to choose the one that will be most appropriate for your employee’s needs or personality.

  1. A great way to boost employee morale

Wellness hampers are a great way to help motivate employees but they don’t have to be used just at the office—employers can give them out at various events such as Christmas parties or birthday parties too. This will help boost employee morale as well as prevent absenteeism.

  1. A nod to a healthy lifestyle

Using Wellness hamper in Singapore will also encourage employees to lead a healthier life style. They are a symbol that they can be rewarded for making healthy choices and being active. This is an important part of motivating employees and ensuring that they meet their personal goals and pledges by employers. Wellness hampers are the perfect way to give your employees something extra for achieving goals or completing tasks without having to do so for it to be considered as an “accomplishment”.

  1. A good tool for employee recognition

Another great thing about wellness hampers is that they are a great way of recognizing employees. As an employer, you get to recognize their efforts and help send a positive message to the rest of the employees that hey’re valued members in your workplace. It also helps you boost employee loyalty and motivate them to be committed in their job. This will help you gain more productivity from your workplace.

  1. Helps boost employee satisfaction

This will help you to know whether the employees are satisfied with their jobs or not. You can also encourage them to get more involved and offer some of your employees wellness hampers rewards too. This is a good way of getting people to do volunteer work too. Ultimately, wellness hampers will be a way for you to build a positive company culture and improve your employee retention rate.

In conclusions, wellness hamper in Singapore is rewarding and motivating by positive reinforcement. It has many benefits including; employee engagement, employee motivation, good employee retention, unlimited choice for customization, a great way to boost employee morale and a nod to a healthy lifestyle.

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