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Bristol Accommodation Portal

The most refreshed outcomes for the Bristol Accommodation Portal login page are below, alongside each page’s accessibility status. These connections are arranged from the web, contributed by arbitrators, or posted by guests who confronted comparative issues. Actually, take a look at the authority interface, follow investigating steps, or offer the detail of your concern in the remarks segment.

Register for the Bristol Accommodation Portal

You should have a University of Bristol understudy number to enroll for the Bristol Accommodation Portal. Your understudy number can be found in the email named “Subsequent stages for offer”

When you have this data kindly follow this connection so we can match your subtleties on our framework.

Convenience offers

Data about when you will get a proposal of University convenience, how to get your understudy home and what to do in the event that your proposition isn’t what you expected.

You will get just a single proposal of University convenience, which will be shipped off you by means of email. The email will provoke you to login to your Bristol Accommodation Portal to audit the proposition.

When will I accept my convenience offer?

The date that you will get a proposition will rely upon your understudy type and assurance status. Your deal date will be remembered for the email you got when you finished your application and is additionally accessible on our key dates page or by signing into your Bristol Accommodation Portal.

On your deal date you will get an email welcoming you to sign into the Bristol Accommodation Portal and view your deal. The email and offer will affirm the date by which you want to acknowledge or decline your proposition.

Understanding your convenience offer

Your convenience proposition will remember all the data for your occupancy with us. Our video underneath makes sense of signing an occupancy concurrence with the University of Bristol.

Instructions to acknowledge your convenience offer

You should acknowledge your proposal inside the cutoff time expressed in your proposition email. To acknowledge your proposition, you want to:

Sign in to the Bristol Accommodation Portal.

  • Click on your Accommodation Offer and survey the subtleties including the occupancy dates, cost and installment terms.
  • Select Accept from the dropdown menu.
  • You will then, at that point, need to peruse and acknowledge the occupancy understanding – this is a lawfully authoritative concurrence with the University, your landowner.
  • In the wake of tolerating your tenure, navigate all phases of the interaction until you arrive at the last affirmation screen affirming you have held your room.
  • You will then, at that point, get an affirmation email which will likewise contain data about appearances and moving in.


  • College understudies don’t have anything to pay at the reason behind booking. Your occupancy and Bristol Accommodation Portal will show you the installment sums for your tenure and the due dates.
  • Postgraduate understudies need to pay £500 lease ahead of time at the mark of acknowledgment. To make installment you will require a charge or Mastercard with a three-digit security code on the opposite. Full subtleties, including how to make your installment will be given in your deal email.
  • Assuming that you’re discontent with your proposal of University convenience We comprehend that a few understudies might feel frustrated with their proposal of convenience. If so, kindly know that a few homes/room types/areas are over bought in which implies that we can’t apportion everybody a spot in one of their convenience choices. We can not offer you an elective proposition.

Your choices:

  • You can decline your proposition and search for convenience in the private area. By doing this, we can not make you one more proposal of University-designated convenience. See area underneath for direction on the best way to decline your proposition.
  • You can acknowledge your proposition and move into the home. In the event that you are not totally content with your convenience or are attempting to acclimate to your new environmental factors, you will have the help from Residential Life Services. You will likewise be qualified to apply for a room move from October 2022.
  • On the off chance that your proposal of convenience isn’t appropriate for your wellbeing or handicap needs, you can reach us, yet we can’t ensure a reasonable room will be accessible. You will be expected to give clinical proof on the side of your wellbeing prerequisites.
  • Declining your proposal of University convenience
  • We request you to consider cautiously prior to declining your convenience offer. You won’t be given another and you should search for convenience in the private area.

To decline your deal, you should:

Login to the Bristol Accommodation Portal.

You really want to go onto your Accommodation Offer and select Decline offer from the dropdown menu. When you have effectively declined your proposition, you will get an affirmation email. You will then, at that point, need to search for convenience in the private area.


New to the Bristol Accommodation Portal?

You should have a University of Bristol understudy number and the email address you involved while applying to University to enlist for the Bristol Accommodation Portal.

When you have this data kindly follow this connection so we can match your subtleties on our framework.

In Room Students

You really want to utilize the Student SSO Login button to get to the Bristol Accommodation Portal. Your old application username and secret key will never again work.

Investigating Steps

  • Many individuals open the login page utilizing invalid connections or fake sites. To determine the sign in issue, you should open the authority page of Bristol Accommodation Portal utilizing the authority connect.
  • When the authority login page is ready to open, observe the email address and secret key that you picked when you joined at Bristol Accommodation Portal or that was available to give to you by the concerned association’s approved individual. What’s more, you will utilize just those certifications to sign in to the entrance.
  • Assuming you have entered legitimate certifications, you should see a triumph message that will resemble “Welcome (Your name here)”, “Signed In Successfully”,  or it will serve you a dashboard that is customizable for your record or show the essential information you work on.
  • Assuming that you are as yet incapable to utilize Bristol Accommodation Portal. Visit our point by point Troubleshooting Guide where we have recorded the most widely recognized reasons for login disappointment with their answers. Assuming you can’t resolve the issue, we propose you report the issue exhaustively with the goal that our mediator or a local area part will answer you.

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