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With coverage of national and international affairs, as well as regional trends and events, we offer something for everyone. We publish six days a week and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

1 – How the Chiang Rai Times Became My Local Newspaper

2 – Why I Started Reading The Chiang Rai Times Daily

3 – 10 Weekly Highlights From The Chiang Rai Times

Why I Started Reading The Chiang Rai Times Daily

I started reading the Chiang Rai Times daily because I felt that it is my responsibility to provide information for others about what is happening in the world. I am aware that not everyone has access to the internet, so they may not be aware of all of these things. I think that it’s important to share what is going on in the world so others can be well-informed. There are also many people who do not have time to read through all of the articles online, so they rely heavily on newspapers for their news. Times like these call for support from everyone, and I believe that The Chiang Rai Times has the power to make a difference in the lives of others.

10 Weekly Highlights From The Chiang Rai Times

One of the best things about reading The Chiang Rai Times is that I get to learn about what other people are thinking, even if they’re not from my community. This week, I particularly enjoyed learning about the art exhibition that took place in Chiang Rai. I wasn’t able to attend, but it was great to see a photo of what transpired there. Another highlight from this past week was learning about how many celebrities would be visiting Thailand for a private concert. This is something that would have been really difficult to know if I had not read The Chiang Rai Times.

National and International Affairs

The Chiang Rai Times is one of the best sources for national and international affairs because they provide coverage that you can’t find online. If I want to stay updated with news from other countries, then The Chiang Rai Times provides a great platform for learning about everything that’s going on in the world. One of the latest highlights from this week is information about a pilot who was arrested for drinking before he took off in his plane to fly passengers. On a much more uplifting note, one article that I read recently was about a boxing champion who won a tournament in another country.

Features of Chiang Rai Times

The Chiang Rai Times is a newspaper that provides information for people in Thailand and internationally. The Chiang Rai Times provides news on Thai developments, important stories from other countries, and updates on celebrities. People can read the newspaper online, subscribe for email updates, or buy print copies.

Chiang Rai Times has been publishing in English since 2007, when the website went live. The Thailand Post purchased Chiang Rai Times Media Group (CRTMG) in 2015 and then began offering one additional language edition of CRTMG publications: CRTMG Chinese. All of the publications on are free to read on the website, on the app, and in email updates.

The Thailand Post also publishes two additional newsletters: The Chakri Newsletter and The Expat Life Newsletter. These can be subscribed for free along with news updates from Chiang Rai Times both.

How to post on Chiang Rai Times

The Chiang Rai Times is accepting submissions from the public for its blog, and it’s easy to post. You can post photos or links to videos, and it takes seconds to upload them. If you’re curious about how the process works, go to The Chiang Rai Times and click on “about“. Then scroll down and click on “blog”, which will give you instructions on how to post content.


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