Computer MD – Computer maintenance and diagnostics

Computer MD – Computer MD stands for computer maintenance and diagnostics which is very much important to run computers smoothly and continuously without creating any hurdle. Computer maintenance makes the computer clean from dust or debris, otherwise, the cooling function of a computer may affect it. Computer diagnostics involve the soft and hardware of computers in terms of segregated performance.

Reviewing Performance:

Commonly, reviewing performance is associated with the maintenance of computers which is improved by installation and configuration of devices.

Computer MD:

As we already have discussed that MD stands for maintenance and diagnostics both are important factors that are necessary to take care of for the best performance of the computer. There are following devices you are supposed to take notice of them whether they are running well or not;

  • Mini-Disk
  • Multiple Device
  • Mini-Disk
  • Manufactured Diagnostics
  • Move Directory
  • make a new Sub-directory
  • Make Directory
  • Management Domain
  • Meta Directory
  • Multiplication Division
  • Memory Defragmenter
  • Memory Disk
  • Machine Dependent
  • Meta Data
  • Mutable Dictionary.


Many times, a computer is not performing well because of any software program or hardware device, therefore, it is mandatory to diagnose the fault which is creating a hurdle. The fault may be of any type relating to software or hardware issue. After the diagnosis of the main problem, the issue is resolved. In this way, ongoing operational efficiency is tested to ensure performance.

During the diagnostic session, all the hardware of the computer devices is scanned to identify the hampering and the proper solution is applied. When the installation is not properly made, the operating system is not functioning correctly.


Many companies offer services through their professionals to find out the maintenance issues as there are a large no. of people who can just operate the computer but are unaware of the maintenance problem. You can go either way round depending upon your level of ease.

Computer maintenance includes the following devices and their upgradation;

  • services for your IT equipmentman devices
  • laptops
  • desktop computers
  • monitors
  • ATM monitors
  • mobile devices
  • tablets
  • LCD projectors
  • POS systems
  • power supply units
  • laser printers

Computer maintenance is categorized into four types for easy understanding which we are discussing one by one;

  1. a) Corrective Software Maintenance
  2. Adaptive Software Maintenance
  3. Perfective Software Maintenance
  4. d) Preventive Software Maintenance

Corrective Software Maintenance

Corrective software maintenance may include any type of problem or you can say it is not related to a specific problem. This type of maintenance you can’t confine into a single category. Mainly it deals with errors and faults in the software because of any reason. You are supposed to focus on the design, logic, and code.

Adaptive Software Maintenance

Whenever you change the environment of the computer, you may indulge to have adaptive software maintenance. This can happen when you brought changes into the following;

  • operating system
  • hardware and software dependencies
  • Cloud storage
  • Or even changes within the operating system.

Perfective Software Maintenance

It is the journey towards perfection of your operating system as new advancements have been introducing from time to time. Induction of new features and system enhancement is a continuous process and this is the very feature of perfective software maintenance.

Preventive Software Maintenance

When you want your software adaptation to sustain for a longer period of time to stop the deterioration of your software. This maintenance reduces the risk factor which software can adopt during the upgradation or system optimization.

If you talk about the software development lifecycle, preventive software maintenance is the essential part of it.

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