CPUID CPU Z – System Information Software Reviews

CPUID CPU Z: CPU-Z is a freeware that gathers data on some of the principal gadgets of your computer system.

  • Processor original name and variety, codename, system, package, cache levels.
  • Included CPU’s Mainboard and chipset.
  • RAM type (memory type), size, timings, and module specs (SPD).
  • Real-time dimension of every middle’s internal frequency, reminiscence frequency.

Key information of CPU-Z

  • Get entry to all varieties of facts approximately your pc.
  • Ultimate updated on 12/10/19.
  • There had been 0 updates within the beyond 6 months.
  • The present-day model has zero flags on VirusTotal badge_icon.
  • Also provided/available on Android.


Install and Delete

Because model 1.51, CPU-Z consists of an installer. The setup gives numerous blessings in assessment to the stand-alone version :

The installation creates software entries within the begin menu and on the computing device.

It installs the proper binary (x32 or x64) relying on your system.

CPU – Z  Installation

Run the setup executable record, and permit it to guide you for the setup method.

CPU – Z  Deletion

You can put off this system both from the upload or cast off packages window (from Settings, Control Panel), or pick Uninstall CPU-Z from the start menu, packages, CPUID, CPU-Z.

Configuration document

CPU-Z uses a configuration document, cpuz.ini, that lets in placing numerous parameters for the program. The cpuz.ini document must be within the identical directory as cpuz.exe. note that the usage of this file is optional. If no .ini file is determined, default values can be used.

Configuration file looks like this :


















CPUID CPU – Z Special Purpose Keys:

  • The F5 key allows saving a screenshot as a BMP file in the application directory. These are named cpu.bmp, cache.bmp, mainboard.bmp, and memory.bmp.
  • The F6 key dulicates the opened page in the clipboard.
  • The F7 key secure the validation CVF file in the opened directory.
  • The F9 key switches among CPU clock computation methods.

CPUID CPU – Z System information software Reviews

CPU-Z yields an outstanding statistics sheet of a computer device’s capabilities and operations. through cutting out several technical and manual looking, this reachable freeware generates a listing of statistics that computer lovers will locate very helpful.

We had no hassle operating the program’s interface since it had almost no command icons. the program is largely like studying a document, although one wealthy in facts. informal computer customers probably won’t get lots from CPU-Z, because the statistics it affords are closely records oriented.

However, technophiles will love their attention to elements. The interface features seven tabs that catalog the whole lot from your motherboard’s chipset and producer on your clock’s technical information.

In among, we had been able to fast locate data about our PC’s reminiscence, cache, pictures, and SPD. CPU-Z lays the whole lot out in clean-to-examine tables complete with extraordinarily technical phrases and numbers.

Looking for these facts out via conventional strategies might have taken a lot longer. The program, lamentably, does not have any unique features, even though some accompanying charts and graphs would be great.

Ordinary, this tool yields an excellent series of raw statistics in a clean-to-geared-up layout that makes it easy to use, too.

CPU-Z is freeware. although the ones now not well versed in technology may become off by all that data, pc fanatics will find out a lot approximately their desktops. For them, CPU-Z is a must.

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