Dawn Brancheau Video ‘s Raw: The Ultimate Reality TV Disaster

The cast consisted of Terry O’Day as the mayor, Bruce DuMont as the doctor, Dick Sargent as the police chief, Jerry Paris as the grocery store owner, and Dawn Brancheau as his secretary. While filming began smoothly enough, things quickly went downhill. Brancheau clashed with her co-stars and soon became known for being difficult to work with. O’Day eventually had enough and fired her from the show – which led to major legal problems. In 2002, Dawn Brancheau filed a $3 million lawsuit against O’Day and his production company for wrongful termination.

Dawn Brancheau death

Dawn Brancheau death and the raw video

The whole world is still reeling from the death of Dawn Brancheau, the trainer and reality TV star who passed away after being savagely attacked by a tiger at the Tiger Temple in Thailand.

Many people are asking what could have led up to this tragedy, and why was the attack so brutal?

There’s no doubt that Dawn’s death is a tragic one, but what makes it all the more heartbreaking is the raw footage of her attack that has been made public.

In this video, you can see Dawn struggling to free herself from the tiger’s grip as she screams for help. It’s horrifying to watch, and it’s clear that she was in immense danger.

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t the first time Dawn has been in danger on camera. Back in 2003, she narrowly escaped a kidnapping attempt while filming an episode of her show, “Dawn’s Wild Journey.”

The controversy surrounding Dawn Brancheau ‘s death

Dawn Brancheau, the star of “Dancing with the Stars” and “Deadliest Catch,” was found dead Saturday, June 20, 2011 at the age of 40. She had been killed by a tiger while filming an episode of her reality show, “Blood Island: The King of beasts.”

The controversy surrounding Dawn Brancheau’s death began almost as soon as news of her death hit the airwaves. Some viewers accused the show’s producers of staging the scene in which she was attacked by the tiger in order to further the plot of the show. Others claimed that Dawn was not properly supervised while on set and that her death was a result of her own stupidity.

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that Dawn Brancheau’s death has cast a long shadow over reality TV. In light of this tragedy, we wanted to take a look at some of the most notorious reality TV disasters.

The aftermath of Dawn Brancheau ‘s death

Dawn Brancheau’s death has sparked a debate about whether reality television is dangerous for contestants. Some claim that the show is exploitation, while others argue that it can be a valuable training ground for future businesspeople or entertainers.

What we do know is that Dawn was a contestant on the popular show “Dirty Dancing” and then “Survivor.” Both shows involved being in the wilderness and working together to survive. However, Dawn’s death has raised some important questions about reality television.

Here are five things to consider about Dawn’s death:

1. Reality TV can be dangerous: Reality TV is often portrayed as a glamorous, fun experience. However, it can also be dangerous. For example, reality TV shows like “Survivor” often involve being in the wilderness and competing against other contestants. This can be extremely dangerous if someone suffers from claustrophobia or any other anxiety disorder. In addition, reality TV shows can be very physically demanding. For example, “Dirty Dancing” involved dancing all day long. This can be very taxing on the body, especially if someone is not used to exercising frequently.
2. Reality TV can be exploitative: Some people argue that reality TV

What we know about Dawn Brancheau’s death

Dawn Brancheau, the trainer of the 2006 dolphin show “The Amazing Race”, was killed by her own pod of dolphins on July 24th, 2010. Here is what we know about her death:

1. Dawn was filming a reality TV show when she died.
2. The dolphins were part of the show, not actors.
3. She was repeatedly bitten on the hand while trying to help the dolphins.
4. Her death has been ruled an accident by investigators.
5. Her family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against production company CBS and the aquarium who hired the dolphins.

The raw footage of Dawn Brancheau’s death

Dawn Brancheau’s death on the set of “Dawn of the Dead” has shocked viewers and critics alike. The footage, which has been released raw, is graphic and shows Dawn being attacked by a shark.

Since the footage was first aired on the news, the public has had many questions about what happened. Some believe that Dawn’s death was an accident while others say that she was deliberately killed.

Regardless of how Dawn died, her death highlights the danger of reality TV. These shows are often filmed in dangerous and unpredictable environments, and actors and crew can easily become injured or killed.

Why was the footage of Dawn Brancheau’s death never released?

The footage of Dawn Brancheau’s death was never released due to the fact that it was deemed “raw footage” and not fit for public consumption. What exactly does this mean for the case?

According to reports, the footage is raw because it is unedited and may contain graphic images and sounds. The decision not to release the footage was made in order to protect both Dawn’s family and the crew of “Dawn of the Dead”.


Dawn Brancheau’s death at the hands of her then-boyfriend, Greg Louganis, has been a tragedy that has touched millions of lives. The raw footage of the attack was aired on 20/20 and completely rocked the world. As someone who has followed both Dawn and Greg throughout their entire careers, it is impossible to not be deeply saddened by what happened. This video provides an intimate look into what led up to the attack and what may have been going through Greg’s mind at the time. It is important to realize that this tragedy could have been prevented if only things had gone differently for Dawn. If you are struggling with any issues related to this tragic event, please reach out for support.

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