Do pet snakes cuddle?

There’s just something about snakes. This group of limbless reptiles has found its way into the homes and hearts of hundreds of thousands of people on their charms and good looks. With that being said, there are still plenty of people that are new to the reptile owning hobby that would love to learn more about their behaviors and mannerisms. Specifically, how they act as pets. Are they affectionate? Do they cuddle and enjoy human contact? While there are still plenty of questions about snake psychology that will remain unanswered, we can still make educated guesses on what they feel. To answer the question at hand, let’s take a step back and ask: 

What is Cuddling?

Cuddling is the act of having mutual close contact between two or more individuals. This typically looks like your cat curled up on your lap or dog sleeping by your side. As you can imagine, snakes don’t typically do this in the wild. However, that doesn’t mean that your snake couldn’t still theoretically enjoy or benefit from being by your side. 

Do Snakes Cuddle at All?

Believe it or not, there are indeed ways that your snake can have extended physical contact with you that is mutually enjoyable. One such way is to allow it to wrap itself around your arm or shoulders. Your snake will be more than happy to chill like this for hours. 

Can Snakes Truly Enjoy “Cuddling”?

To answer the question, I believe it is important to first understand what “cuddling” really is or isn’t. Is it the obvious mutual enjoyment of physical contact? Is your snake only tolerating and possibly moderately enjoying being on you because you’re a heat source it can grasp on to? Indeed, these questions can never be truly answered. It is apparent, however, that these moments between snake and owner can be fulfilling for both parties involved.

How to Not Handle a Snake

Like any animal, snakes have specific ways in which they are handled. For instance, you generally want to gently encourage your snake to come up your arm or slowly pick it up by its midsection. Not keeping to these best practices and boundaries can unfortunately stress out your snake or even injure it. 

Some things you should avoid when handling a snake include:

  • Grabbing it by its tail or head.
  • Handling it when it is showing signs of stress, such as actively trying to get away from you.
  • Trying to handle it when it has eaten or during a shed. 
  • Letting your snake fall.

Remember, every snake is different and will have varying tolerance levels for being handled. Be sure to always listen to what your pet is trying to tell you and respect its boundaries. 

Final Thoughts

Wanting to understand what’s going on through your pet’s mind is perfectly natural. In fact, any responsible person should do their homework before seeking out snakes for sale. Knowing if your snake will be receptive or enjoy cuddling is a part of that. While there is no true way to read your pets mind, you can be assured that your relationship will remain strong as long as you know the basics of its needs and body language. 

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