Do Push Notifications Have Better Conversion Rates Than Emails?

Several businesses today dream of launching a business mobile app. But what happens if users do not like your app? What if users of your app find it difficult to stay engaged? What happens if they decide to uninstall your app? 

Well, it sounds like your worst nightmare, doesn’t it? Have you ever considered what the ultimate solution is? Keeping your users engaged is the only way to keep them. But how can we keep users interested? 

Keeping users engaged is a difficult task in the fiercely competitive mobile market. As a result, businesses must seek out new approaches to capturing the interest of their clientele, such as by introducing intriguing features, appealing campaigns, and discounts. According to a recent study, an increase in retention of just 5% can increase the profit by roughly 25%-95%. 

When it comes to trending things, email and WordPress push notifications are the ultimate business savers. They serve to bridge the gap between the brand and its customers while also keeping users engaged. But push notifications have better conversion rates than emails. 

Looking for more evidence? No worries. Without further ado, here are seven reasons why push notifications have a better conversion rate than emails.

  1. Simpler To Get A Subscription

It is getting more difficult every day to get a user to provide their email address. Most savvy users now use two distinct email addresses-one for personal use and another for online shopping. Even so, they are worried about actual email addresses on a website. 

However, using push notifications, all of your users must do is:

  1. Get the opt-in notification.
  2. Obtain authorization.

All done. The best part is that this works on both desktop and mobile devices and there is no need for personal information.

  1. Non-fake Subscriptions

WooCommerce push notifications are not faked, unlike fictitious emails. This is so that the subscription process is handled by the browser itself and no contact information, which might have been faked, is requested.

Visitors do not select any contact information when using push notifications. That proves that you can accurately and easily contact each one of your subscribers.

  1. Push Notifications Do Not Need Any Special Design

It takes a lot of time before sending out an email newsletter. You consider the message first. After that, you need to begin writing a copy. The design follows next. The design is then combined to meet email standards. 

Then, to ensure that it looks good across a wide range of platforms and browsers, confirm it. Next, you correct any design, and then you schedule it.

Time and resources are needed for each step. Push notifications are bite-sized, so you can schedule them much more quickly. It is very simple. Write 2-3 lines. Then link it. And, send it.

And there is no need to worry about the design because the browser handles the design of how the notifications appear, 

  1. Lower Traffic Volumes = High Click-Through Rate

WooCommerce push notifications are 3X more effective for remarketing than emails. Due to their real-time nature and high visibility, push notifications have a much bigger impact than emails in a cluttered inbox.

Plus, brand recall is made simpler by brief web push notifications as opposed to subject lines in email inboxes. Large images and the visual images of push notifications increase CTRs to double-digit levels.

  1. It Is Possible To Set A Timer For Push Notifications To Expire

ou can set an expiry for push notifications, unlike emails, which are always stored in your inbox. Let’s say you have a limited-time offer running on your website for 2 hours. Your customer receives the email after 2 hours, and when they visit, they discover the offer is no longer valid. Have those circumstances occurred to you frequently?

You can give a push notification a deadline after which it will no longer be delivered. So, no notification would be sent, and the customer would still be happy if they were not online during the 2 hours the offer was active on your website. Notification expiry is useful for both serializing your notifications and time-limited offers. 

  1. Improved Visibility

Being more visible is a clear benefit of push notifications. You don’t have to check your inbox, log in to any mail or visit any social media sites. 

Push notifications get people’s attention, and a carefully planned marketing effort can increase conversions and brand recognition. Retargeting with Woocommerce push notifications generates 20-30 times more click-through than display advertising.

  1. Push Notifications Have Higher Optimization Rate Than Emails

Since people frequently do not open to view them. On the other hand, push notifications because these notifications’ content is clear, crisp, and short. So, push notifications have more optimization rate than emails.

  1. Cross Platform Delivery 

Since subscribers can receive notifications wherever they are, push notifications stand out from other messaging platforms.

Push notifications show up in full without the user taking any further action, unlike email, which requires the subscriber to open an application.  Because of this special quality, brands can engage with their audience in a way that demands attention without having to separately optimize for desktop.

Wrapping Up

Now you are clear how WordPress push notifications have better conversion rates than emails. So, what are you thinking now? Get started to use WonderPush to create push notifications and take advantage of this effective marketing channel.


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