Greedy definition

Greedy definition

A desire to get or have more than one deserves, especially at the expense of another.

What are the example of being greedy?

2 – It can also mean to be excessively desirous of wealth or gain to the point where one causes unfairness and harm if it means getting more.

3 – It means wanting too much. It is when you take more than your share includes when someone asks for help, you only help yourself and not them.

4 – Someone can be greedy when they want more than their share and take something that doesn’t belong to them.

5 – someone who does not feel shame for unproven behavior and will do anything no matter what to get the best things in life.

6 – It is a person who asks for more food or money or other items when they are very well off already.

7 – Greedy can also mean to take more than your share of the responsibility or credit for something that involves several people.

8 – If someone does something nice for you and it feels like they did it because they think.

What does the modern world have to say about greediness?

greedy definition Write a brief about how the definition of greedy has been changing in modern times. Greedy is no longer an adjective with negative connotations, but instead greed can be seen as a good thing. Greedy nowadays means ambitious and hard-working. It can refer to someone who strives for excellence in any area that they are set out to conquer. In order to be considered greedy, one must not only have ambition but also show immense dedication and commitment when striving for their goals.


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