Harrington Group International: Leaders in DMS

Harrington Group International: Leaders in Document Management Systems

Document management is an essential part of running a small business. Whether you manage contracts, customers, vendors, partners, or employees, your company relies on documents to keep track of interactions with other companies and individuals.

Document management systems (DMSs) are an essential tool for small businesses. They streamline storing and retrieving important files from one place instead of dozens or even hundreds.

That way, it’s easier to find all the necessary documents at once instead of searching through pages and storage space whenever you need something. Keeping track of your company’s information is also easier because DMSs usually include search functionality. That way, you can find any document quickly rather than going through each file individually to find what you need. Harrington Group International ensures you get quality and dependable document management systems. Read on to get more information.

What is Document Management?

Document management is a system for securely storing, retrieving, and sharing information within your company. When you’re a small business, it’s easy to check that off on your to-do list. But it can be overwhelming to get started, especially if you don’t have experience with document management systems beforehand. Harrington Group International has extensive knowledge of document management systems, which makes us qualified to make recommendations based on years of experience. That way, you can keep track of important information quickly and efficiently without worrying about losing any important information.

Benefits of a Document Management System

Rather than having all your company’s documents scattered across different folders and hard drives, storing them in one place is more convenient. That way, you can keep track of everything your company has on file. Plus, it keeps everyone else who works for your company on the same page – literally. Everyone will be accessing the same information, so no one is out of the loop when important information comes up.

In addition to convenience, good document management systems also help small businesses save money by being able to retrieve the information they need rather than having to re-create or lose it because they didn’t have a way to access it. That saves time and expenses from trying to fix and recreate things later on.

How to Select the Right Document Management System for Your Company

Selecting a document management system that works for your company can seem overwhelming. HGI has compiled a few factors to consider when selecting the right document management system for your business.

Document Type and Volume

If you have many documents, whether legal or financial, you may want a document management system with advanced search functionality and filing systems. You may need fewer search and filing options if you have smaller files with basic information, such as contracts or customer service notes. Either way, the best systems will allow you to easily keep track of your documents.

Company Size/Revenue

While your company won’t need as many features from a document management system as larger businesses, it should still be able to store and retrieve information. The smallest of small businesses shouldn’t have any trouble with smaller volume systems. Still, if you don’t want to risk losing any information and prefer advanced features, a massive company like Google might need one of the higher-end systems.


Harrington Group International provides the right document management system for your company. Since we have extensive experience in this area, we know exactly what your business needs. That way, you’ll be able to streamline business and not have to worry about losing important information or falling behind on paperwork.

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