How can someone create an app with zero coding knowledge?

Coding is a process of transforming everything like ideas, instructions, and solutions into a language that a computer can understand. 

It’s called the binary code. Programming languages like Java, C OR C++, and JavaScript mainly act as a translator between the computer and humans.

But, without the coding experience, you can make an app by using different app builders. There are so many tools and sources to help you build your app. 

So, creating an app without coding is cheaper and easier than you think. The no-code apps are the app ideas for businesses. Many small or medium-sized business may create their app for the benefit of their employee and customers.

How does a no-code app perform?


You can equip easily more of your workflow with the tools the app offers. With no-code platforms, any business can surely undergo digital transformation within days. 

You can make the app at a very low cost. Studies said that more than 500 million apps will be developed by 2023. 

The no-code apps benefit numerous industries, from freelancers and small business owners to customer service, finance experts, HR, and executives from different companies.

The app allows the user to set up the cloud-based application software. In this app, users can drag and drop the visual boxes to arrange and add functionalities. 

You can see drop-down menus to choose a colour palette for branding. In addition, lots of platforms are there which offer readymade templates for many businesses use cases. Then, those users can build the app with those templates according to their business needs.

Who can use the no-code app?


Anyone can use a no-code app to develop their app ideas into reality. For that, you don’t need to have any coding experience. The best part of these apps is that this is not just only for beginners. 

Experienced business users or app makers can take advantage of it. Most people use the app as it’s way faster and cheaper to build an app without code.

The potential use cases of these platforms seem endless. Small business owners can use this kind of app to spread their business. 

Besides that, many industries are using these apps to gain more development in their area, including E-commerce stores, Restaurants, schools and universities, different organizations, gyms, etc. 

Many mobile development companies are available, such as Bubble, Backendless, Bravo Studio, Retool, Thunkable, Draftbit, Adalo, etc.


How will someone create an app with zero coding knowledge?

It is now become very easy to develop an app with app builders. The growth rate of no-code and low-code apps increased to 44.4% in 2022. 

You can use any mobile app developer per your preference, and you can use it for your business purposes. There are some simple steps to follow.

    • First, find a suitable no-code app builder. You need to keep a few things in your mind, such as pricing, reviews, features, and performance. If you get the app as per your desire, only then move forward.
    • After that, choose any plan that will be best for your business. Please take a look at all the features along with their prices. If you use it only for one app, you will get it at a low price. On the other hand, if you want to include multiple apps, it will need a more expensive plan.
  • Then, you have to create your customized template. There are many templates from which you have to choose as per your business needs. Each of the templates contains different features for different industries. Like, the beauty salon template has gallery businesses, and with its help, you can show off the salon’s special haircuts and styles.
  • The template was the first step toward your design. You have to choose colours and logos that match your company or business. Here, you’ll be able to change app icons, font, colour, title bar and text, app display name, loading screens, preset themes, header text, etc.
  • Then, you can add more features to your app to attract your audience. Besides that, you’ll be able to remove pre-loaded features that you think won’t be necessary for your business or company. Once you are done, you can set the navigation options. Just choose a sidebar or tab bar menu to enable the customers to use your app easily.
  • Lastly, it is time to publish your app on the app stores after completing all these things. From the app stores, users can download your app. But, before publishing, you need to sign up for the google and apple developers accounts.


Learning code is not necessary for any app development. Anyone can make an app using app builders. The approximate cost to develop an app would range between $100,000 to $500,000. To build the desired app for yourself, you have to find the right app builder to make it happen. 

Then, it will be just a matter of learning to use the platform. So, it is recommended that you sign yourself up with a free trial option first to gain some knowledge and then build your customized app to boost the development of your company.


  • Can anyone make an app without coding?

Yes, you can make an app without having any knowledge of coding. You need to have a proper app builder to make this happen.

  • What is the difference between no-code and low-code?

Low code platforms require good coders and technical knowledge, while no-code platforms do not require coding knowledge. It targets business users.

  • Name some of the mobile app builders.

Several app builders are available in the market, including AppyPie, Good Baker, Andromo, Thunkable, Adalo, Composer Pro, etc.

  • What are the major factors that usually determine mobile app development costs?

Some of the major factors determining mobile app development costs are- features and complexity, design complexity, location of a development partner, application development partner, and platform.

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