How To Obtain the Skyward Sword Hylian Shield ?

What is the Skyward Sword Hylian Shield?

The Skyward Sword Hylian Shield is a shield that appears in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is one of the most important items in the game, and provides Link with protection from enemy attacks.

How To Obtain the Skyward Sword Hylian Shield ?

Obtaining the shield is not easy, and requires players to complete a number of tasks. In this blog post, we will discuss the steps required to obtain the shield.
First, players must find a giant beetle called Antikit. Antikit can be found on the topmost level of the Forest Temple, and must be defeated in order to obtain its Scarf. Once Antikit has been defeated, players can use its Scarf to enter the Sacred Forest Meadow. There, they will find a tree called the Sacred Tree. By climbing up the tree and defeating a monster called Tingle-tingle, players will be able to obtain an item called the Golden Gauntlets. These gauntlets allow Link to climb up walls. After collecting these items, players can return to Hyrule Castle and use them to enter the basement of Hyrule Castle. There they will find a room called Tingle’s Ballooniesta. In this room, they must defeat Tingle to obtain his balloon. Once they have

How to Get the Hylian Shield?

skyward sword hylian shield
skyward sword hylian shield

If you’re looking for a way to obtain the Hylian Shield, you’re in luck. The shield can be acquired by defeating Vaati in the Skyloft Temple. To defeat Vaati, you’ll need the Master Sword and the Biggoron’s Sword. Once you have both weapons, head up to the temple and use them to open the door that leads to Vaati. Once he’s defeated, the shield will be yours!

Is there an Extra Way to Get the Hylian Shield in Skyward Sword?

There is an extra way to get the Hylian Shield in Skyward Sword. After completing the game, go to the Sacred Grove and look for a small hole in the ground. Use the Telescope to peer down and you’ll see a small room with a pedestal in it. Use your bow and arrows to shoot an arrow into the pedestal, and it will open up and reveal a hidden chamber with the Hylian Shield inside!


Thanks for reading our guide on how to obtain the Skyward Sword Hylian Shield! In this article, we will outline all of the steps you need to take in order to get your hands on this iconic piece of armor. From finding a collector who is willing to part with their shield, to tracking down an original copy of the game, we will cover it all. So be sure to read through the entire guide before starting your quest, as nothing is more frustrating than being close to acquiring something only for it not to work out in the end. Good luck!

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