How to reset your WordPress site

What WordPress is? We can freely say that it is the most powerful platform for creating websites and blogging. Many can install it relatively simply. Those with experience in web design with WordPress can make the site they want. WordPress is reliable, secure, relatively easy to use, SEO customized, with many solutions for different web needs and easily accessible customer support. And what is the best? WordPress is extensible. This means that, with additional plugins, you can create the perfect website, saving time and money. Could it be better?

WP Reset – feel free to make magic.

If you had a problem resetting your WordPress database, you are in the right place. We present you with a solution to your problem – WP Reset. It is not uncommon to want to reset the database, but many do not know how. This plugin is one of the best on the current market when it comes to resetting a WordPress database. It offers a full range of features, with many top features and functions. WP Reset will help you delete all content and customizations and restore the database to the default installation values. Best of all, it will fulfill all your requests very quickly and securely. This plugin comes with multiple fail-safe mechanisms. This way, you will be sure that you cannot lose your data. That is the most important thing, right? WP Reset is integrated with the WP webhooks plugin. This plugin is secure and is a universal system for connecting WordPress to third-party systems. It also provides the ability to run actions from WordPress and other applications. There are many helpful features and options.

What does WP Reset delete?

The following will be deleted:

  • Pages, posts, comments, users, media entries, and custom post types.
  • Default database tables.
  • Custom database tables with the same prefix table prefix as defined in wp-config.php.

The following will not be deleted:

  • The wp-uploads folder has not been touched but is not listed under Media in the administrator. Files that you delete will not delete this plugin.
  • No changes to themes, uploads, or add-ons.
  • WordPress address, page address, language, page title, and browser visibility settings.

How to undo a reset?

You need to take a screenshot before resetting. Next to the reset button is a recording button that takes less than 10 seconds to operate. When the restoration is complete, you can undo it by restoring the recording.

More good ideas

WP 301 Redirects

It often happens that we come across corrupt or bug pages. Sometimes we visit a completely different page. That turns visitors away. They left before someone saw 404, and rest assured they are not coming back. To avoid such situations, this is an ideal plugin. The WP 301 Redirects plugin offers you the ability to automatically redirect and control your pages from a centralized dashboard.

Those who run websites need to understand that one of the most crucial parts is maintaining the site. WP Maintenace is a plugin that will allow you to seamlessly add a maintenance page to your blog. This page will notify visitors that the blog is currently down for maintenance or will add a page that will be available soon. Full access to the blog is allowed only to users with administrator privileges.

Final Words

This would be a brief overview of the WP Reset plugin. In addition to being easy to use, it offers many good options and features. We have also introduced you to two additional plugins that we think can be of great help to you. Do not worry, the presented plugins are currently ranked in high positions in the current market. So feel free to embark on an adventure and make it easy for yourself. 

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