How Video Marketing Can Help You Find Prospects Online

If you want to attract new clients, video advertising is your best bet. Adding a video to your marketing strategy boosts conversion rates by 66%, drives an additional 157% of organic traffic, and raises brand awareness by 54%. We discuss the many sorts of internet short-form video advertisements and how they might be used to discover potential customers.

Here, we’ll explain what we mean by “prospecting” so you can better reach out to potential customers. In addition, we explore five different types of videos and provide in-depth analyses of why they are effective marketing tools in our piece on why video marketing is more effective than other advertising mediums.

What is Prospecting?

Prospecting is the process of seeking out potential new clients. Because of the internet, advertisers can now narrow their focus rather than splash their money across a wide demographic.

Video marketing is a powerful method for expanding a business’s customer base by targeting potential buyers who are most interested in a certain offering.

Why Should You Start Using Video Marketing?

The best return on investment may be found when practical advertising strategies like prospecting and retargeting are combined with video marketing. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that video is more effective than still photos.

HubSpot conducted an experiment to see whether the format would perform better for a Facebook advertisement, video, or picture. The effectiveness of the video was 20% higher than that of the still picture.

Although there are many other factors at play in advertising outside the media itself, it is generally true that videos perform better than text or images.

Listed below are three ways in which video marketing may help your company find new clients more effectively than any other strategy.

Increased percentage of viewers engaged: It is difficult to quantify how much more engaging video is compared to text or photos. We’ve seen claims as high as 1500%, although different agencies will offer you different numbers. You don’t have to look any farther than your own Facebook or Instagram feeds to see what is working on the main networks, even if the specific difference in interaction is unclear.

In response to services like Snap Chat and TikTok, video content has exploded on Facebook and Instagram in the past five years.

Locations to look for more prospective and beat the algorithm: Monthly user growth for Facebook and Instagram has been slowing recently as a result of increased competition. The growth of social networking sites outside of those run by Meta has been greatly aided by the proliferation of video. Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms now prioritize video content to better compete with TikTok and Snap Chat.

Formation of new ideas: With the use of video marketing, you can provide a more detailed description of your offerings. If your product is novel or requires extensive explanation, text and graphics will only go you so far.

How to Use Different Video Styles for Reaching Your Prospects

It’s important to think carefully about the format of the video you use to reach potential customers online. We’ve broken down the five most effective types of marketing videos to help you figure out which one will work best for your next campaign.

Explainer Videos

Creating an explanation video is a great approach to do what? You would be correct in assuming that your product or service is best described by a guess.

The services offered by companies like Carakit are unique and appeal to a narrow market. Marketers can use this style to explain the specific issue and how CaraKit can help.

Those interested in learning why ladies receiving radiation therapy or chemotherapy should exercise extra caution while applying makeup should watch the above video. The voice-over continues in a soothing tone, explaining how CaraKit chooses and distributes items devoid of dangerous ingredients to women undergoing treatment.

The explainer does an excellent job of describing the issue and KaraKit’s solution, but the animation’s tone and graphics also succeed in connecting with each potential customer. 

If you want to add more oomph to your explainer video, then go for animated ones. There are many video animation agencies that offers 2D animation services at affordable price.

Product Demo Videos

A product demonstration video is a type of promotional video that shows potential buyers how to utilize your goods. Asana, makers of the aforementioned project management software video, utilize the app’s functionality to describe a solution to an issue.

The devil is in the specifics when it comes to differentiating an explainer video from a finished project. While explainers focus on the big picture, a product demonstration delves further into the finer points. Asana’s video, for instance, walks users through the platform’s user interface (UI), demonstrating its many layouts, task assignment, and approval mechanisms.

Testimonial Videos

One of the numerous advantages video has over text, or a picture is its ability to establish a personal connection with the viewer. A customer evaluation can be included in the text or as an image, but there’s no substitute for hearing the praise firsthand.

Video testimonials, like the one provided by Slack, allow businesses to establish a more personal connection with potential customers. In order to persuade potential customers that they may be more productive using Slack, the company employs a commercial set in a typical office with recognizable people.

HubSpot’s origin story is told through a corporate culture video in the form of a 1980s montage. This gives potential clients an idea of what it’s like to work with HubSpot on digital advertising initiatives.

Company Culture Videos

Creating videos that showcase the company’s unique culture is a fantastic way to connect with potential clients via LinkedIn and other online professional networking sites. 

When working in a field as cutthroat as digital marketing, every advantage counts. Differentiate yourself from the competition by giving prospective clients a glimpse into the company’s culture and demonstrating how collaborating with staff members may help the business succeed.

Video guides that show you exactly how to use a product are called “tutorial videos.” The video goes above and beyond the call of duty required of an explainer or product demonstration video by detailing the steps necessary to actually use the product or service.

Online prospects familiar with the brand but without the necessary background knowledge to make a purchase are an ideal audience for marketing courses. Web pages, social network profiles, and retargeting ads that provide tutorials are all helpful.

Bottom Line

Video content is highly valued by digital marketers because of its ability to reach a wide audience. To begin with, the format is more beneficial to customers and assists firms in conveying the advantages of their offerings to potential buyers. In addition, the most popular content distribution networks prioritize video.

If you want to target customers that have a high propensity to buy, video marketing is your best bet. However, if you don’t have enough expertise to make a video for yourself, you can always hire video experts to do this job for you.

Choose a reputable video production company like BuzzFlick. They have been serving in the industry for years and stand as one of the top video production companies in NYC. You can check out their portfolio or talk to their experts for consultation.

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