How will you remove yourself from the Been Verified?

BeenVerified is an integrated people search site where users can find information about anyone with the click of a mouse. BeenVerified help to scrapes the internet to public records and compiles them into a database. It will include your history, contact information, vehicle information, and information about your family members. With the help of this article, you will know about the steps for been verified removal.

What are the steps for removing yourself from BeenVerified?

Are you looking for quick step-by-step information on removing your personal information from BeenVerified through BeenVerified opt-out? 


  • Navigate to
  • Then you can scroll down to the bottom of the homepage. Go to the footer and click “Don’t Sell My Data.”
  • Type in your first name, last name, and the state where you live.
  • Scroll through the results until you reach your listing. Click an item in the arrow section on the right.
  • Enter your email address, edit the captcha, and then click the Send Confirm Email button.
  • Then you can see a message saying, “Your request has been received.”
  • Check your email for name confirmation and then click the Confirm Opt Out button.
  • Finally you will receive a second email titled “Your cancellation request has been confirmed.”

You can follow the above steps for been verified removal process.

How will the BeenVerified work?

BeenVerified works by scanning white pages, printed online websites, and crawlers. All this information is compiled into an online database and connected to your name. The BeenVerified database contains huge amounts of information such as phone numbers, your current address and previous address list, criminal records, bankruptcy, and marriage certificates.

BeenVerified offers two membership options. Users can purchase a copy of the basic report by purchasing a monthly subscription that includes unlimited user-fetched reports. There is also a three-month membership. This report includes age, date of birth, contact information, place of residence, criminal history, court records, and much more.

What information has BeenVerified removed?

The information you wish to remove from BeenVerified, all other owned and operated partner sites BeenVerified owned and operated will no longer appear in your search results when you search yourself online. It is important to remember that been verified removal is effective from the date of implementation. This means that reports containing information about you that users retrieved in the past before the deletion started are still available for those users.

Additionally, even after BeenVerified opt-out processing, your personal data may still appear in search engine results when you search for your name. All removals depend on the indexing of those search engines. Another note is that BeenVerified collects records about their web properties from data brokers and third-party sources. You will need to visit each location and take similar steps. For this reason, your data will continue to appear in these locations receiving information from the same data broker. This is one of the main reasons why so many people trust to remove their personal information from online sites like BeenVerified, release a wide network, and manage the tedious and time-consuming opt-out process across directory sites.

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