Instructions to Move Photographs from Android to Windows 11 with Telephone Connection

What is the Telephone Connection Application on Windows 11?

The Telephone Connection application has, as of not long ago, been perfect for connecting Android telephones to oversee photographs, messages, and more from the work area. What’s more, presently, you canlink your iPhoneto send and get messages from your work area through iMessage.

In this way, the list of capabilities for Android is more powerful. What’s more, important for that set is the capacity to move photographs from your Android telephone to your PC. You never again need to email yourself an image ormove photographs physically.

As well as moving photographs, on Android, Telephone Connection permits you to send and get messages, settle on and get decisions, access warnings, control applications and elements, and access your photograph display.

Instructions to Interface a Telephone to Windows 11 with Telephone Connection

Before you can begin moving photographs and recordings from your telephone, you ll need to guarantee yourAndroid telephone is connected to Windows 11.

To check the telephone is connected with Windows 11:

Press the Windows key, type Telephone Connection, and select the top outcome.
Note: You can download Telephone Connection from Microsoft Store if the application isn t installed.Wirelessly Move Photographs from Android
Select Android under the Pick your telephone area.
Send off the Connection to Windows application on your Android telephone and output the QR code showed in the application on Windows.Wirelessly Move Photographs from Android
Allow your telephone to required things like contacts on your telephone, and it will be effectively connected.
When your telephone is connected to Windows 11, you can move your photographs in a couple of ways.

To move photographs from Android to Windows 11:

Click the Photographs choice from the top toolbar to see your photos on the telephone.
Open Document Voyager to the envelope you need to store an image in.
Intuitive the photo(s) or video from the Telephone Connection application to an envelope on your PC.Wirelessly Move Photographs from Android
To relocate, right-click a photograph and select the Save as choice from the menu.Wirelessly Move Photographs from Android

Explore to an envelope area and snap the Save button.

Or on the other hand, you can choose a photograph or video for a full perspective on it inside the Telephone Connection application.
Click the Save as button in the upper right corner of Telephone Connection.
Pick the envelope area and snap the Save button.Wirelessly Move Photographs from Android
At present, there isn t a choice to choose numerous photographs or recordings, so you should rehash the means for different pictures you need to move from your telephone to your PC.

Be that as it may, when you want to get pictures from your telephone to your PC easily, the Telephone Connection application is useful on the off chance that you are an Android client.

Associating Your Telephone to Windows 11

While you could t at any point move photographs from iPhone to Windows utilizing the PC Connection application, you canlink your iPhone to Windows 11. And keeping in mind that it has restricted choices contrasted with Android, you can send and get messages on your work area from iMessage andshare site pages.

For more on overseeing photographs, look at how totransfer photographs from Android to iPhone. Or on the other hand, find out about transferringphotos from Android to a USB drivewhich, notwithstanding email, is one more method for getting pictures on your PC physically.

Additionally, assuming you favor the comfort of remotely sharing records from your telephone, look at how to useGoogle Close by Offer on Windows 11. Furthermore, on the off chance that you unintentionally lose an image, you canrecover erased photographs on Android.

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