Who was James Heltibridle And How Killed?

Who was James Heltibridle in TWD?

Heltibridle was also a car enthusiast. James Heltibridle was 28 years old when he died in a car accident. Among his many talents, he worked as an art director for Run and Gun, and he was a production assistant for Stalwart Films LLC. His work on “The Walking Dead” was dedicated to him, and fans are enamored with his work.


Known for his role as a moviemaker and wardrobe designer, James Heltibridle was an unassuming man. He had little to no social media following, but he was a very popular personality on The Walking Dead. Although he had a small fan base, Heltibridle was still a very talented and well-liked actor, and his death made us even more curious.


When The Walking Dead season three premiered in 2016, we were eager to know: Who was James Heltibridl? We were left wondering how this production assistant from the show came to be on the show. During the course of the series, Heltibridle worked alongside a number of cast members, including Noah Emmerich, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Merritt Wever. He graduated from UNCSA in 2013, and worked on several short films. After his death on November 2016 in an accident, his family and friends took his obituary to pay tribute to him.

How Old is Heltibridle?

If you are wondering how old is Heltibridle, the best answer is 33 years old. Heltibridle was born on November 29, 1988. His parents were Robert and Bob Heltibridle. Heltibridle had five siblings, but he did not reveal the names of them. Heltibridle attended the School of Arts in North Carolina. His main field of study was art direction and visual merchandising, but he was also a filmmaker.

Who Died in the Making of The Walking Dead?

In the aftermath of the hit zombie drama The Walking Dead, many fans wondered, “Who died in the making of the show?” The answer is a complicated one. James Heltibridle, a 28-year-old production designer and filmmaker, was killed in a car accident. He was on his way home from a filming session when he was involved in a fatal car accident. He was a crucial member of the cast of The Walking Death, and his death came as a shock to everyone who had watched the show.

Killed in Car Accident

James Heltibridle was a production assistant on The Walking Dead who was killed in a car accident on the set on 10 November 2016. His death came as a shock to the fans of the series. Heltibridle, who was 28 years old when he died, had a love of coffee, and posted many pictures of his adventures in Starbucks. In his free time, he also liked playing video games and writing down his thoughts in his own doodles.

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