Link Building for Startups: What is the Optimal Strategy for Good Results

Several start-ups are struggling with SEO strategies and in getting their site rankings up on search engines like Google. Many create content, many share posts on social media, and make all the possible efforts to convert maximum leads into a consumer. But there is a very important SEO strategy that is ignored – backlinking! 

As even the statistics and facts reveal – not many understand the relevance and scope of backlinking. Businesses today have to rely on high-quality backlink services for professional assistance, but it is important to learn what the concept means and how it can have an effective impact on your SEO and site ranking strategies.

  • Statistics show that 75% of online users do not look beyond the first page of Google search results.
  • The first result on a page gets a 29.17% CTR and the second one gets 15.29%.
  • Blogs using 3,000+ words get more backlinks as compared to blogs with less than 3,000 words.
  • 56.3% of businesses claim that high-quality back-linking strategies in a good quantity can influence site rankings.
  • 95% of online webpages have zero backlinks.

Search engines are one of the most effective inbound marketing channels. If you manage to rank your pages on Google for relevant searches, you will get a flow of traffic to your site. To get there, you either can rely on good content, or good back-links that can get maximum leads to your website.

Here we will focus on the second part. Let us understand what back-linking all is about and how it will help you enhance your site SEO and overall rankings.

What are Backlinks?

The term “backlinks” means a link in the content of your webpage that directs the user to another website. This kind of strategy is prioritized by Google, as providing powerful links to other sites can empower the user with valuable information and links to trusted websites that can benefit the lead. The more legitimate connections using backlinks you have on your page, the greater the SERP classification order you will get.

 However, Spam websites can reduce the SERP classification order. That’s why a successful construction strategy emphasizes the connections of credible and authoritative websites. Although this strategy demands time and effort on your part, it is certainly the long-term SEO investment that you must make.

Backlinks are also called “inbound links” or hypertext links from other websites that point to your website or the other way around.

Backlinks are a sign of a business being trustworthy and credible, and there is something useful in the specifically linked page. Google has admitted that high-quality backlinks are one of the most critical ways to improve your site’s SERP rankings, which is why link building is very important in SEO for start-ups.

What is Link-building?

Link-building is the construction of connections that focus on your SEO strategy, mainly for start-ups. It is also a very demanding process that can include the creation of content, promotion, and construction of relationships. Here we will discuss various strategies that businesses can use for the construction of backlinks in this guide.

What makes a good link?

Here are some factors to consider before you choose to add a link to your webpage:

  • Use links from established and authoritative sites.
  • Choose relevant links that deal with your industry better than those in unrelated niches.
  • Use editorial links from sites such as directories or social media, even if the authority of the site is lower.
  • As compared to ‘No follow links’, go for ‘Do follow links’ as the previous tag tells Google robots not to follow the link.

Effective Strategies for Link Building in Start-ups

Let us look at the best link-building strategies that start-ups can choose:

Join Communities

The first step to getting success with link-building on your webpage is to get educated about it. See what kind of collaborations and links can help you grow your site and what kind of businesses you can attach. Do your homework well, and research various communities that are available on the web that specifically target the niche business or industry you cater to. 

SEO communities and link-building communities are ample, and you simply need to join one to get answers to your queries and study some real-life cases. You can interact with people, study their answer threads to various problems, pose your questions or misconceptions that you may have about link-building, and also take suggestions on the kind of links that are associated with your business.

Using Social Media

You can use the backlinks that are stated on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even YouTube to generate traffic. Although these are not followed links, they can indirectly improve the performance of your SERP. So, you can tweet your content, engage with influencers, and aim to bring those retweets and links back to your site. 

You can organize a giveaway hosting or a contest designed to engage your audience and increase the number of links to your site. Entice your leads and target audience by offering a deal or a reward for following the link and visiting your webpage. Even after the contest is over, it is suggested that you don’t stop the link-building campaign and extend link generation to keep your visitors in the loop.

PR is an essential way to bond

Public Relations or PR is one of the most effective connections that can help start-ups achieve their SEO targets. With cutting-edge technology and an innovative business model, start-ups are often close to achieving their goals, but long-term planning is essential.

PR strategies help start-ups continuously achieve their business goals, engage in constant dialogue with various audiences, and ensure that the right information is shared with them. Start-ups can hire professional high-quality link-building services as it is important to keep a community and be informed of company progress and goals.

Public relations start with local media as local publications can provide valuable insights and perspectives on your start-up. PR agencies have a well-established trust of thousands of viewers, so establishing a PR connection through backlinks, can invite the attention of several leads to your webpage.

Links to the Press

Generate large numbers of links from top news publications and websites that deserves the attention of the press. Initial traction can be difficult to achieve, but journalists are always on the look-out for fresh content, and if your content goes well, other journalists writing for a similar audience can reasonably assume that it would do well for them too.

The key is to know who to contact. As soon as you have created your campaign, you have to put them in front of the right people.

Diversifying your link profile

Diversifying your link profile can ensure that your site reaches a wider audience and does not depend on a single source. Although many low-quality connections can damage the ranking of your website, high-quality connections are most likely benefiting from your site. By diversifying your connection profile, you will have fewer negative effects on the changes to Google’s algorithm.

The realization of a good connection profile begins with the careful selection of websites that offer relevant backlinks. If possible, avoid spam or toxic websites. Wherever possible, use keyword anchors.

Unlinked Mentions

Unlinked mentions are textual brand mentions that refer to your webpage, a blog, your name, your brand, or any other mention without adding a link to your website. Using an unlinked strategy works wonderfully for start-ups as it requires minimal effort. You simply have to set up alerts and check the emails as they arrive. 

And since you’re reaching out to people who are already discussing your brand, there’s a good chance they’ll add a link. The only exception to this rule is that people should be talking about your brand, else you may have to introduce an even better stratagem to raise awareness of your brand.

Researching competitor’s content

The first and most important step is researching competitor content. Find out which pages appear on the first page of a Google SERP using a target keyword. It’s also a good idea to use a competitor’s website to generate links, which have built their linking profile. So, research your competitors’ content like guest posts, and use it to your advantage. You must stringently supervise your competitors’ content and optimize yours for high page rank.

Guest Posting

This is a great strategy wherein you choose to put content on other websites that contain links to yours. It is great for all kinds of businesses – whether start-up or established businesses. A vital write-up with the right linking to your website with the right message can be quite an effective technique to get maximum leads to your webpage. You can share the expertise that your business delivers and post the required links on other web pages through guest posting.

 It’s effective to promote your brand to relevant audiences. Guest messages generate pertinent niche backlinks so start by creating a list of websites for which you want to write to start publishing guests. Then contact everyone to change your guest post.

Write Post Fields for Effective Guests, contact the right person, add samples of your writing and show that you can create a high-quality blog post. You can offer something in return.

Host freebies

As discussed earlier, you can host quizzes, contests, games, and other ways to offer specific deals and discounts to your leads. Encourage others to take an interest in the contest and make sure your hosting and postings are advertised in the right places. Local blogs can promote your giveaway and these promotions will link to your website. You can also promote it through social media platforms so that your current audience can recommend more people.

Linkable Assets

Linkable assets are similar to PR link-building strategies wherein you make an effort to attract inbound links. You must host the content on your webpage and then contact other websites and ask them to link to your content. Make sure your content is based on something that people want to connect with. It needs to offer real value to the audience of the site.


Backlinks remain one of the most important SEO and ranking boost factors in 2022. You must concentrate on the quality of inbound backlinks that preferably should be taken from quality authoritative sites. Therefore, a powerful link-building strategy is a must for a start-up SEO agency or resort to high-quality link-building services. 

Don’t overlook any important tactics and remember that it is imperative to keep track of all your inbound backlinks and to maintain your link-building profile to get maximum conversions on your webpage.

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