The Differences Between Mexico and the USA: A Tale of Two Countries

The History of the Mexico-USA Relationship

Differences Between Mexico and the USA on Foreign Policy

Section 3: Historical Differences between Mexico and the USA on Federalism and Political Parties

Section 4: Recent Developments in Mexico and the USA

By Sharyn McCrumb

The following is a slightly condensed and edited account of William McCants’ essay, “Mexico and the United States: A Tale of Two Countries.” The author’s primary affiliation is the James Martin Center for International Relations at The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. He has done fieldwork on Mexico in the ’80s. This essay was originally published by CentralUnion, the university’s academic journal, and he has kindly allowed us to reproduce it here.

Mexico’s Unique Culture

It’s not a Mexican thing, it’s an American thing, too. (COMMENTARY)

Close your eyes, and what do you see?

Barbed wire, the golden steeple of a church, some green garden, sun, Mexican music. Or is that a ball game in a baseball stadium?

Why are you so fixated on the sight of a building and the sounds it makes, regardless of the city or region of origin? The ball game is America, the building is Mexico City, and the garden is Puebla, which, no offense to Puebla, is not Mexico City.

Go back to your American mall, and you’ll see shoes, shirts, sunglasses and clothing of all kinds. What do you see?

The number of advertisements and storefronts flashing against the background of the other, less-enforced culture of a mall are minuscule compared to that of a decent Mexican street.

The Typical Day in Mexico

How to Make Tacos

10 Things the Average Mexican Wants You to Know

On How Mexican Women Fight Sexism

What Mexicans Eat

Here’s Why the Most Popular Speciality Foods in Mexico Are Called Tortas

I’ll Take My Tacos and Cheers

More on A Simple Life

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Typical day in the USA

The Wild West of New Mexico

The Wild West of New Mexico

The Bold and the Brave

The Bold and the Brave

The Nine Frontier Tribes of New Mexico

The Nine Frontier Tribes of New Mexico

Map of New Mexico

New Mexico is no stranger to stark natural beauty.

Carbon County, with its breathtaking scenery.

Carbon County, with its breathtaking scenery.

Mezquital Valley, where exotic plants like “Aztec” plants grow.

Mezquital Valley, where exotic plants like “Aztec” plants grow.

Taos, where tourists and local go horseback riding, hiking, and biking.

Taos, where tourists and local go horseback riding, hiking, and biking.

Part of the state of Santa Fe, this beautiful city gives you an overview of the world-renowned architecture of Pueblo.



Mexico and the USA offer the same educational opportunities for children. Children in Mexico are afforded the same level of education that the children in the USA are, without having to leave their home country to receive a better education. However, the opportunity to receive a college education in the USA is more accessible to the child than it is in Mexico. I will discuss the limitations of higher education in Mexico and the benefits of receiving an education in the USA.

When looking at education in the USA, it is important to look at opportunities for those that are below the college level. University education in the USA is highly overrated. There are many American’s that have completed higher education but do not have a bachelor’s degree in their field.


– and have decided that they want to fly south to see him.

You’d need to make a lot of phone calls to line up the airfare, cover your costs, and organize your trip.

This is a guy who’s been deported six times, by several different countries.

If you live in one of the eight states that don’t have their own border control, the next option is to try

It’s not impossible, but it’s an expensive and complicated process. You’ll need to find out which country he’s in and work out if you’re eligible for a tourist visa. You’ll have to provide a lot of paperwork, and be prepared to wait in line for up to ten hours.

If you’re not granted a tourist visa, you could try

It’s not impossible, but it’s an expensive and complicated process.

Immigration Policies

A series of articles by David Carranza, the Deputy Editor of the Mexico City paper, Reforma. It is a series that offers different perspectives on the current debate in the US about illegal immigration.

Some of the readers said that there are differences between the two countries on the immigration issue. Others said that one shouldn’t be surprised by some of the differences. The following, which speaks of immigration from the perspective of a Mexican citizen, will be a mix of the perspectives of both Mexicans and non-Mexicans:

“I am American. I was born in Texas. My parents are Mexican, so my grandparents are Mexican. This is my point of view on the situation in the USA.

First of all, it is very good for those (immigrants) who are here legally.

Poverty Rate in each country

Mexico is now considered the second most dangerous country in the world, in terms of life expectancy and homicide rate. Compared to the USA, things aren’t much better. Being poor in the US and the UK is very different to being poor in Mexico and here’s why.



Poverty is not only a problem in Mexico, it is also one of the most important barriers in migrating to the US. Living in poverty can be bad enough, but one of the main issues associated with poverty in the US is lack of access to healthcare. This is because the US is one of the few countries that does not provide universal healthcare. This is particularly relevant for migrants who are likely to be without insurance coverage.

Crime Rates in each country

Many of the nations with the largest populations of Mexicans are in the Americas, especially the US and Canada, and, where available, Mexico. The perception that Mexicans are over represented in the US in numbers does not account for the fact that when statistics are considered, the Mexicans are actually over represented, both in the total number of Mexicans in the US, and in the total number of incarcerated Mexicans in the US.

The origin of the myth of Mexicans are over represented in the USA, may be attributable to ignorance and to misinformation, but is also ascribed to the fact that Mexicans, in the context of immigration to the United States, are also found in many other countries, including Canada, the UK, Australia and even Canada.

his story originally appeared on on February 5th, 2016

It’s a common misunderstanding that Mexico has two parallel economies. Like many dual economies, that analogy misses the more dynamic, interdependent nature of this relationship.

Mexico is proud of its booming economy. In the last 15 years, it has won the admiration of the world. It is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and surpassed China in the mid-2000s to become the second-largest emerging market, a remarkable accomplishment for a country of less than 120 million people.

That is not to say that the opportunities afforded by a thriving economy do not come at the expense of political and human rights abuses, though there is a growing awareness of this issue by the Mexican public.

How to Predict The Outcome of the Mexico vs USA World Cup Match

As we head into another exciting World Cup, predictions for the matches are already flooding in and it’s time to make our own. Bookmaker Betway released their free World Cup Predictor App for punters to use to make their own selections before the tournament begins.

Following the predictions made by punters on the Betway Predictor App, they have now placed the results into one of five categories: guess, probable, possible, unlikely and completely unrealistic.

So, if you were to create your own predictions, what should be the most likely outcome?

Research For This Page

In order to create this page, we researched the past 20 World Cup matches on offer from our two teams: Mexico vs. Ghana and the USA vs. Portugal. Both of these matches have ended as a draw and both of them are even games.

What Factors Will Affect The Outcome of the Mexico vs USA World Cup Match

*If you wish to read more about the Mexico vs USA World Cup Group Stage match, then please click here.

In this article, you will learn about the likely outcome of the Mexico vs USA World Cup Group Stage match.

On Friday, 11 June 2018, the two teams, Mexico and USA, will face each other in their second Group Stage game. One team will be heading home (Mexico) while the other team will be heading to the next round of the 2018 World Cup.

Although Mexico has just drawn its first match 1-1 against South Korea, you can never count out El Tri. Furthermore, Juan Carlos Osorio’s side seems more fluid and dynamic now than it ever was before. Meanwhile, Mexico hasn’t lost any of its last 13 matches.


With two very important teams set to play each other in a final group stage game, I’m going to take a shot at making a prediction, albeit very rough. We’re entering the business end of the World Cup. Neither team is likely to want to settle for a tie in their final group stage game and there is a slight chance they both win and advance out of group stage. Of course, that’s unlikely to happen, but a tie would still be a highly positive result, especially if both teams finish with four points or more.

The Group Stage

Both teams play in Group A, where three teams have a very good chance of advancing (Mexico and Germany are among them) and it’s difficult to predict who the other three teams are. That being said, we know that Colombia has gotten knocked out.

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