The Best Motel 6 Deals Near Me

The Motel 6 Near Me

Some of the Motel 6 deals near you don’t provide room reservations.

What to look for when booking a Motel 6:

Address: Motel 6 locations usually offer a gas station. You can also call for pickup or delivery.

Hours: Most motels have a 24-hour desk with customer service.

Destinations: Since they are near busy highways and freeways, you can be on the road in less than 5 minutes.

Safety: They have strict rules and inspections to stay up to par. They also provide insurance and 24-hour emergency support.

Overall, you should be able to find a Motel 6 near you. The hotel is safe and reliable, and has all the basic amenities.

The Best Motel 6 Deals Near Me

Visit to Alaska: They have a great deal where you can stay for $38.83 per night if you reserve within 3 months.

Why Go to the Motel 6

The Hotel Industry has put lots of money into campaigns to convince you that they’re being the Good Guy™ when it comes to providing a place for families to stay. They usually enlist some sort of furry or spooky mascot to hawk their hotels and promises of a clean, safe, family-friendly, inexpensive place to stay.

Unfortunately, the laws of supply and demand dictate that there will be higher prices for such a hotel than it would cost to rent a single room in another type of hotel, particularly at the holiday time when demand is high. This often means you’re going to spend a fair amount of money to get a room for a single night in a place where many people are paying a fraction of the price to get a bed for three or four days.

Motel 6 is budget-friendly

There are often times when travelers need to stretch their budget, especially in the U.S. — which is a big country — and travel within a particular region. Cheap hotels are sometimes very hidden, such as the Motel 6 brand, which offers some of the most affordable hotels in the United States and Canada.

The U.S. News Best Hotel rankings have shown Motel 6 to be one of the best budget-friendly hotels in the United States. With the brand offering rooms from $49 to $129 per night, it can be a good option for a budget-friendly hotel. There are also some great specials on any guest staying at Motel 6, such as discounts for members of the military, veterans, and active or retired law enforcement officers.

Motel 6 offers the best service of their competitors

in the lower-midwest. I have stayed at other hotel chains, but Motel 6 offers the best service of their competitors in the lower-midwest.

Provo, UT —

You can say it however you want, but the past year Motel 6 has been in the limelight over this issue of guests paying for their rooms with cash, and of course people feeling discriminated against due to racial profiling.

This all began when a Washington DC based anti-racial profiling group, the ACLU, sued Motel 6 for racial profiling, saying that the hotel gave racial information about guests to the police which is in violation of the consumer privacy act.

Motel 6 is reliable

Look at me, it’s clear. I love Motel 6. As someone who generally stays in local chain hotels, I’m a Motel 6 type. I don’t have anything against the more upscale hotels with fancy amenities and amenities, I just prefer the Motel 6 down the street from my hotel.

That said, Motel 6 is by no means a luxury hotel. When the internet first blew up with accusations that Motel 6 was posting messages on their reservation system that indicated Latino-sounding names would not be accepted at the motel, I was just as irate as everyone else. Was Motel 6 creating a racist bias?

No. If Motel 6 wanted to create a bias against Latinos, Motel 6 could have simply offered a text or web form that Latino-sounding names could fill out. They did not do that.

You can get free Wi-Fi at Motel 6

By Johnathan L. Monroe

Laconia, NH (03246)


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Laconia, NH (03246)


Cloudy with light rain developing this afternoon. High 49F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%..


Periods of rain. Low 38F.

Motel 6 has an excellent location

Motel 6 is located in east Sacramento, next to a lot of restaurants, bars, and shopping. Plus, it’s right next to the train station and I was able to catch a train to the airport. That means I didn’t have to rush to my flight! And, the Motel 6 by the train station had free wireless Internet. I have to say, that was one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed at. I’ve stayed at Motel 6 in the past, but in Sacramento I stayed at Motel 6 Sacramento Airport. The room, while lacking for the price, was spotless, they give you a bottle of water when you check in, and I was able to get a full night of sleep!

What I liked about the Motel 6

I really love Motel 6 hotels because they aren’t usually that crowded at all times of the year. I was able to have great phone reception, Wi-Fi and a microwave that I could also use for my coffee machine.

The Motel 6 was also the only Motel 6 hotel that had a $20 off coupon to send to my family.

The Motel 6 Motel 6

The Motel 6 was a great place to get to the Penn State football stadium, and to the top of one of the highest points in State College.

Everything was great in that Motel 6. The only issue was that the Motel 6 isn’t what it used to be, which is sad.

The Motel 6

Was it the same as the Motel 6? No it wasn’t. If the Motel 6 used to be the Motel 6, then the new Motel 6 should be the Motel 6 Inn and Suites (Check it out here) .

What can be improved at the Motel 6?

Does it need to be improved for the 2018 model year?

Motel 6 is a well known budget hotel chain that has been around since the 1980s. Motel 6 recently opened in 2011 with a whole new look and design. The Motel 6 is a renowned budget hotel chain that can be found near the entire United States. The Motel 6 is actually made up of many different brands that can be found all across the country and around the world.

The main Motel 6 brand was started by Sheraton, and then was then spun off into its own brand called Motel 6. The Motel 6 brands started up at the same time in the 1980s, when the motel chains were becoming popular. Before this Motel 6 was just a slightly higher class but budget motel.


The small rooms and small amenities, though slightly unexpected at first, did a good job of alleviating some of the sense of claustrophobia that comes with exploring such a vast area. They aren’t super-splashy or even particularly modern (my budget had me staying in Room 216, which featured a dime-store ottoman and a shabby white blanket, as well as no ventilation at all), but they certainly fit my needs perfectly. Also, the rate in which the Motel 6s gradually move upmarket (such as with upgraded cabanas in Puerto Vallarta) really does cater to your bottom dollar.

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