How Does Orkin Get Rid Of Mice? The Answer May Surprise You

The team at Orkin is always working to create lasting solutions for our customers. Over the years we have developed new products and methods that make eliminating pests a success every time. In this blog, get the inside scoop on some of our go-to solutions for mice and rats.

Does Orkin get rid of mice?

Mice carry many diseases and contaminate food and supplies. They can also chew through electrical wires and cables, which could lead to a fire. Mice are hard to see, so it is difficult for homeowners to know when they are present. There are many ways that Orkin gets rid of mice, including trapping, exclusion methods (sealing holes or gaps), and other physical deterrent methods such as poisons, repellents, or sticky traps.

What is Orkin’s procedure to get rid of mice?

Orkin is extremely thorough with their process to get rid of mice. They remove the food, water, and shelter that mice need to survive. They also take out nearby rodents such as raccoons, rats, and squirrels. The last step is to block up any possible entryways for rodents.

How much does it cost to hire a company such as Orkin to get rid of mice?

Many people wonder how much it would cost to hire a company such as Orkin to get rid of mice. A customer service representative for Orkin said that the average price is $325-$525, which includes an appointment with an Orkin technician and up to 7 traps. The technician will come to your home and set up traps that are strategically placed where they might be able to lure in and catch the mouse.

What do they use to get rid of the mice?

Orkin is a pest control company. They use traditional methods of pest control such as traps and poison to get rid of mice. But they also go the extra mile in more difficult cases by using devices that emit high frequency sound waves to drive the mice away.


The conclusion to this blog is that Orkin gets rid of mice by using traps and bait boxes. They use bait boxes because it can be hard to find the mouse’s entry point into your home. Once they are inside, they will have a difficult time getting back out.

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