periosteal elevator

Periosteal Elevator: An Indispensable Tool in Dental Practices

periosteal elevator

A periosteal elevator is meticulously crafted to elevate the complete thickness of soft tissue flaps during various dental procedures. Additionally, it plays a pivotal role in detaching the gingiva encircling the tooth’s neck. These elevators are esteemed for their efficacy in tooth extraction practices as they furnish maximal leverage and optimal force during these procedures. Furthermore, they facilitate the application of extraction forceps. This indispensable dental instrument boasts a double-ended design with a slightly curved and slender tip, enabling less traumatic manipulation. It features one blunt and one pointed edge.

Variations of Periosteal Elevators

These instruments come in numerous variations, including:

  • Allen Periosteal Elevator
  • Bennett Periosteal Elevator
  • Benque Periosteal Elevator
  • Freer Periosteal Elevator
  • Mead Periosteal Elevator

Periosteal Elevators Kit 10 pcs periosteum elevator all designs in one set ARTMAN

The elevators are available in both single-ended and double-ended configurations. These types are not exhaustive, as the variations are engineered to assist dentists in diverse tooth extraction procedures. These instruments are characterized by their long, slender shape, facilitating the elevation of delicate tissues prior to tooth extraction. Subsequently, the tissues are lifted cervically to fully expose the area, ensuring a feasible extraction. Nevertheless, the tips of these dental instruments necessitate protection and must be kept sharp to prevent the shredding of the flap.

Exceptional Quality and Durability

GerDentUSA presents an extensive assortment of dental periosteal elevators, each with multiple variations. These instruments are ideal for accommodating a myriad of dental practices. Moreover, they feature unique attributes to meet the needs of dental professionals. Our dentistry instruments are reliable, robust, sharp, and durable. They are constructed from German stainless steel, requiring minimal maintenance. Additionally, they are resistant to chemical reactions and environmental fluctuations. The superior quality material makes these tools suitable for healthcare providers while enhancing patient comfort.

In fact, you can contact us to procure custom-manufactured instruments tailored to your clinical requirements. We are committed to delivering superior quality tools and services, aiming to distinguish ourselves among the manufacturers and suppliers of dental surgical instruments. Allow us to elevate the outcomes of your oral surgical procedures.

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