Picrew: How To Upload Picrew Avatars On TikTok

If you’ve been an avid user of the video-sharing platform TikTok, you must have noticed that many users upload their Picrew avatars on the app. Many Picrew users create unique videos of their Picrew avatars to stand out from the crowd. Picrew is an online avatar maker accessible for free on any device. The Picrew trend started in 2020 but continues till 2022. Creating Picrew Avatars of yourself is the way for you to join the Picrew Trend. Are you curious to know how to upload your avatar on TikTok? Keep Reading as we give you a detailed guide on creating Picrew Avatars!

Picrew: Free Online Avatar Maker

Picrew is a free online avatar maker that allows you to create a unique avatar for yourself. The avatar maker lets you choose from a wide range of customization options. You can create an avatar that best represents who you are with the wide variety of Picrew Makers available on the site. You can create a virtual avatar handy for your social media profiles or any other online account. Creating an avatar for yourself using the Picrew avatar maker is fun and easy, which you can accomplish in just a few minutes. It is necessary to make a Picrew Avatar first, to join the Picrew Trend on TikTok. The Picrew Avatar that you should incorporate with your TikTok video should reflect your appearance, style, attitude, and you. Ready to create your custom Picrew Avatar? Keep Reading!

1st Step: Search for Picrew On Your Browser

Picrew is accessible via various browsers, including Chrome Browser, Firefox, Opera, and more thanks, to Picrew’s browser-based platform. Before looking for Picrew, connect your gadget to a secure internet provider. Access the Picrew site to start designing an avatar. By visiting the link referenced in this article, you may achieve this. You may enter www.picrew.to in the search box of your browser and select the first result. You may develop and customize easily and without delays by connecting to dependable internet connectivity. Before continuing, double examine the URL because incorrectly typing might lead to a dangerous website or a 404 error.

2nd Step: Change The Language Of the Site

This step is based on your preference and knowledge of the Japanese language. Verify that the webpage is in English before proceeding. It makes it simple for you to comprehend the instructions. There is no need to stress about them being confused with another language. It will let you create an avatar in the language of your personal preference. It is the best choice to change the language to English if you are not at ease with Picrew’s standard Japanese language. English and Japanese are the two languages offered on Picrew. There’s no need to switch to Japanese if you can grasp it.

3rd Step: Select A Picrew Maker Preset

The next task is to select a Picrew Maker. On Picrew, a massive selection of unique Picrew Makers is available. Manufacturing, commercial, personal, and non-commercial is the different types in Picrew. Ensure your style is apparent. Before choosing a Picrew Maker, you must be aware of the function of your Picrew Avatar. On Picrew, there are countless Picrew Makers for different things, including people, pets, and more. Select a Picrew Maker, which you can customize easily to have the same features and clothing style. You may go through the collection of Picrew Makers or use the search box to locate it. Make sure it has all the tools you’ll need for design. Make sure to pick a Picrew Maker before moving to the next step!

4th Step: Personalize Picrew Avatar

The next step is to use the presets to personalize your avatar. You may change your avatar using a variety of preset personalization options. Beneath the Picrew avatar, you can find the customization options. From one Picrew Maker to the next, the configurations are different. To create a unique Picrew avatar, choose a Picrew Maker that offers all the customizing features you want. You may modify your avatar’s wallpaper or apply special effects. The appearance and physical attributes of an avatar are both alterable. If available, you may also enhance your Picrew with some accessories. Make sure your Picrew Avatar reflects your personality and appearance to upload it successfully on Tiktok.

5th Step: Download Picrew Image

Download the Picrew Image. Once you have finished the Picrew Avatar, tap “Complete” to save it to your device. The Picrew Image is downloaded in PNG format by Picrew. The file format PNG (Portable Network Graphics) has a minimal file size and produces images of excellent quality. The 5th step is significant, as the Picrew Image is the one you need to incorporate into your TikTok Video.

Last Step: Create A TikTok Video With The Picrew Image

Now that you have your Picrew Image saved on your device, the last and final step is to create a TikTok video with the Picrew image. TikTok is a video-sharing app that allows users to create short videos and share them with their followers. To share your Picrew Image on TikTok, you should log in to your account. After you have signed in, create a video by clicking the + button in the middle of the app. Use the green screen effect to show your Picrew Image on the video. Follow the format of other videos under the Picrew Trend. There you go! You have successfully joined the Picrew Trend on TikTok. This way, you can stand out from the crowd and show everyone your talent in digital design.


From the above article, we can conclude that the Picrew avatar maker is a free online avatar maker that allows users to create virtual characters of their choice. There are different types of Picrew avatars available online. You can create an avatar of your favorite celebrity, an animal, or anything else. It is all up to your creativity! So, if you are interested in creating your avatar, the Picrew avatar maker is the best! Join the Picrew Trend and Access Picrew Now!

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