Pokemon Unite Tier List Update: What The Top 5 New Pokemon Are?

Pokemon Unite: Tier List Update

The latest update to the Pokemon Unite Tier List has arrived and with it comes some new revelations about what the top new Pokemon are. In addition to revealing some of the newer additions to the game, this list also reveals which Pokemon are considered “powerful” by the developers.

The Top New Additions
The first thing that jumps out when looking at the new tier list is that there are a lot of new additions. These include: Darumaka, Feraligatr, Machamp, Meloetta and Sylveon. Interestingly enough, all four of these Pokémon were previously exclusive to Japan’s Sinnoh region. Another newcomer is Axew, which was recently added to the game as part of a collaboration between The Pokémon Company and Nintendo. Finally, certain legendary animals have made their way into the game too – such as Miltank and Rhydon – both of which were introduced in Generation 6 of the Pokémon series.

What Makes A Pokemon Powerful?
As part of this update, the developers have released a set of guidelines called “The Power Principles.” This defines eight different qualities that make a Pokémon strong and influential in battle. Some of these include: being able to take lots of damage; dealing lots of damage; having high Defence or Special Defence stats; being resistant to status effects; and having an ability that helps you in battle. It’s worth noting that these principles aren’t static – they can change depending on how you’re playing your game.

The Top 5 New Pokemon

1. Alakazam

2. Machamp
3. Gyarados
4. Machamp (Alola Form)
5. Tyranitar

How to get the new Pokemon

If you’re like most Pokemon fans, you’ve been waiting with baited breath for the newest release of the game, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. And finally, it’s here! The new Pokemon are out in all their glory, and we’re here to help you get them all!

To start your journey, first make sure that you have the latest versions of the games. If you don’t already have them, head on over to the Nintendo eShop and pick up either Sun or Moon. Once you have those installed, it’s time to start catching ’em all!

There are a few different ways that you can catch these new monsters. You can go out and explore the world like normal, or take advantage of special event locations that will award you with some exclusive new creatures.

One way to get ahold of a lot of new creatures is through the distribution events that are popping up all around the world. These events give players an opportunity to trade in specific types of beasts (usually rare ones) in order to receive something brand-new in return. You can also check online leaderboards every day for chances at some ultra-rare pokemon.

But no matter how you go about catching them, make sure that you’re playing with friends! Lugia and Ho-Oh are only available through multiplayer action – so make sure to team up with your fellow trainers and plan some epic raids together!


The latest update to the Pokemon Unite Tier List has revealed some of the top new additions to the game. Topping the list is Mewtwo, who is a powerful Psychic-type monster that can easily take down most opponents. Additionally, Ash’s Charizard has seen a slight increase in its attack power and can now hold its own against most pokemon in the game. Other top picks include Suicune (a water type Legendary Pokémon that can easily take on dragon types), Greninja (a water type ninja frog that can easilydisrupt your opponent’s team), and Machamp (an infamous fighting type powerhouse that is perfect for taking out pesky tanks). Be sure to check out the updated tier list and see where your favorite Pokemon rank on it!

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