Understanding the Resetera Forum: What You Should Know

Understanding the Resetera Forum: What You Should Know

What is the Resetera Forum?

In this article, we’ll give a brief introduction to the Resetera Forum and how you can get started contributing. We also show you how to write better code with hints from the Resetera devs.

Do you love solving puzzles? Do you find that you have too much information to read in order to solve a problem? Do you wish you had a place to go to meet like-minded people to collaborate with? Then you might be interested in the Resetera forum.

The Resetera forum is a place for users to come together and discuss general technology issues.

How to use the Resetera Forum

Guidelines and Etiquette of the Resetera Forum

By Dhaval Bhattacharya

October 26, 2018

Resetera is a great resource for developers to make their apps more powerful and provide better experiences to users. Resetera is a community forum with people from all over the world, discussing topics related to R programming, R’s data science ecosystem and making use of R in web, mobile, and server-side code. The Resetera forum is a community that provides a toolkit to learn about and get into R programming.

Each new user is asked to register and come back frequently to update their username and profile.

How to use Resetera forum?

Resetera is a useful platform for both professionals and students who are new to R.

R users can sign up and post queries for further discussion.

How do I register on Resetera?

Resetera uses a “dual token” authentication system. By default, registration is enabled only for professional users.

Use a private user id and password on your web browser. Then go to:

Resetera>User Setup

Click “Allow”. This will provide you a private user id and password.

In the “Identity” box, provide a name, create a new profile, or assign a user to a group.

In the “Password” box, provide a new password.

Click “Done”.

Resetera will now look for you in its search results.

Add a comment

Don’t forget to write a comment on this thread so you don’t miss the chance to win one of the Raspberry Pi computers.

The types of discussions that are allowed on Resetera

Why is this a good thing?


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Why Do People Love Resetera?

Deciding What’s Right for You?

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Best Resetera Mediums

Check out the resetera infographic to learn more about the different Resetera user types!

Download the Resetera Slide Show

This post was written by Mike Cassidy, Resetera Engineering Lead.

Meet the Author

Mike Cassidy joined Resetera as a Software Engineer in 2012. He holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Concordia University. Mike has worked in software for over a decade and started his career at University of Michigan’s Open Source Lab, where he worked on Apple’s Mailbox and TextEdit.

Mike has given over 25 talks, including Resetera and Localization 101 at the Open Web Dev Summit.

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Forum Activities


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Reporting Posts and Commenters

By Jeff Huber

I spend a lot of time reading posts on the RPhate subreddit. Many of these posts cover how to improve their portal. Some of the solutions seem complicated. As an RPhate contributor myself, I’ve seen these come and go from different active solutions. Sometimes there is no clear solution. So I thought I’d put together this article so anyone can understand what makes for a great, easy-to-read dashboard.

First, a few general questions you should ask yourself when considering a solution:

Does the solution provide a clear way to post a new report? I’ve seen several, for instance, that simply require an “new” in the front of the comment and that is it. This seems like a poor way to organize a data entry system.

The Proving Grounds (AKA Flaming)

Mike Grabek Blocked Unblock Follow Following Jan 20, 2017

This week I was browsing around the forums and came across a poster describing how there was a subforum with a number of people questioning the legitimacy of the forum. I decided to investigate further to see if this was the case.

What was I looking for?

There are two types of forum. One type of forum is designed for a limited userbase, users need to participate in a few things to get the best out of it. These things include answering a certain percentage of questions or simply posting in certain groups.

General Discussion Questions on the Resetera Forum

In addition to the analysis below, see other interesting questions asked by users in the forum below.

1. @vi7602 asks:

What would be the likeliest reason a user would want to install this “fake” package from Resetera?

2. @juansmin asks:

What is a reasonable time line to expect from @trikmychat to give an update on progress?

3. @leibell asks:

How much money can one “earn” from resetera via installing/disabling tools from them?

4. @nti asks:

Does resetera interact in any way with QSS?

5. @richmond asks:

Is there a need to buy keys to access the firmware & community version of Resetera?

6. @uloo asks:

I read that you can only join the platform by being invited, I was wondering if you could tell me when the invitation system will be ended?


Understanding the Resetera Forum: What You Should Know

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Analytics in Content Management Systems: The Resetera Forum: Analysis, Learning, Best Practices

Last month, I gave a talk at the 2017 Resetera Forum in San Francisco. The format of the talk was pretty standard: I took a play-by-play of the content analytics for the recent Resetera release and walked through the mechanics of what it means to build an Analytics in Content Management System (CMS). During my talk, I also gave a brief update on my team’s efforts to translate our content analytics model from Resetera to content management system (CMS) data.

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