Rex Lapis (Morax): Present Geo Archon’s Profile

Rex Lapis (Morax): Present Geo Archon’s Profile

Morax, also called the God of Contracts and Rex Lapis, is the present Geo Archon and one of The Seven. He had been managing Liyue preceding disavowing his fortune in the last Rite of Descension. Alongside Barbatos, he is one of The Seven’s two unique individuals who are as yet alive toward the beginning of the game. He at present meanders the world as Zhongli, an expert for the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

He goes by plenty of names and titles, including the Prime of Adepti, the God of Contracts, the God of Commerce, the Warrior God, and the Groundbreaker.

Before his retirement, one time per year, Rex Lapis, in his Exuvia, drops during the Rite of Descension, giving direction to his kin for a prosperous year and directing exchange, which is the district’s concentration.

Profile – Presentation

Rex Lapis is the God of Contracts, Commerce, and the Warrior God – among numerous different names. He was the Geo Archon and is the most established of “The Seven,” and perhaps being one of the most established. If not the most established, divine beings at the north of 6,000 years of age.

As well as shaping the geology of the locale he oversees. Rex Lapis shielded Liyue in extraordinary fights, for example, the Archon War, which was pursued in the space that is currently Guili Plains against different divine beings. In one fight, he effectively crushed an old god known as Osial, utilizing enormous stone spears to detain the ocean god. It is presently known as the Guyun Stone Forest. In another, he fixed the Mountain Dragon Azhdaha under a tree in Nantianmen following the winged serpent’s insubordination. Different creatures Rex Lapis has battled and killed incorporate the Chi that lived in Qingce Village and the god that was Xiao’s previous expert.

Morax is additionally the source and namesake of Teyvat’s cash, the Mora. Mora is printed at the Golden House using Morax’s Gnosis.

Presently, Rex Lapis lives in Liyue Harbor as Zhongli, working at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor as an expert.


Little is had some significant awareness of Rex Lapis‘ character prior to turning into an Archon, yet portrayals and legends about him portray a divinity entirely different from the one known by individuals today. Venti – this type of Barbatos, a long-term companion of Rex Lapis, and the main another leftover individual from the first Seven – depicts Rex Lapis as a “brutish bungling bozo” and an “old square head”. Morax, thus, sees him as a “tipsy numb-skull that is a shame to the arts”. Due to his advanced age, Rex Lapis every now and again thinks back about recollections and experiences.

Notwithstanding being the God of Contracts, Rex Lapis perceives that all circumstances are unique – Thusly, “equity” may shift contingent upon the circumstance. He likewise wouldn’t fret “little moves” in the background. Shockingly, he disapproves of Keqing’s reactions to Liyue’s reliance on him; truth be told, it just so happens, he even concurs with her opinions.

Morax is exceptionally delayed to adjust to change. However regardless acknowledges it as unavoidable, something which the majority of the adept experience experienced issues adjusting to. He had initially persuaded himself that Liyue would in any case require him. However in the wake of hearing a vendor let a labourer know that they were finished the day. While going in disguise, started second-guessing himself, and set up an intricate preliminary to check whether Liyue could get by without his direction. This is valid even well in the wake of expecting the personality of Zhongli. It is place where he ceaselessly thinks in the old ways, though having some change each once in a while.


During formal occasions, for example, the Rite of Descension, Rex Lapis appears as a half-mythical serpent, half-lin creature. However, in view of different portrayals of him, he normally takes a human-like structure.

Sculptures of The Seven in Liyue portray him as a grown-up man wearing a hood and robes folded over his legs, holding a solid shape. In Yakshas: The Guardian Adepti, his back is shown, wearing a white robe with a hood and wearing long, wide jeans. His hands are portrayed as orange, with vein-like markings going up against his arm.

The Rex Incognito series claims he changes frames every now. And again relying upon the circumstance (having shown up as various people since forever ago). However consistently has dazzling golden eyes in any structure he takes.

Story & History

Before the Archon War, Morax was at that point known as the Lord of Geo. He was close with Guizhong, the Goddess of Dust. They framed a settlement for their kin in Guili Plains, which was named after them. He was likewise in great conditions with Marchosius and Madame Ping. Nonetheless, after the Archon War broke out, Guizhong died in a fight that devastated Guili Plains and Dihua Marsh. A short time later, Morax moved their kin south of Mt. Tianheng, to the spot that is presently Liyue Harbor.

To safeguard his new city, Morax framed an agreement with the adept to shield the harbour as he kept taking up arms against his foes. Chi, Oil, and Xiao’s previous expert were crushed by his hand. While Havria, excessively delicate for this merciless period, was killed by her own kin. The overcomers of Sal Terrae were spread all through Liyue, large numbers of them coming to Liyue Harbor. Sooner or later, he become a close acquaintance with a huge mythical serpent and gave it sight, who turned into a long-lasting companion. However, the winged serpent in the end crumbled from “disintegration”. He had to seal his close buddy away under Nantianmen.

Overcoming different divi

Subsequent to overcoming different divine beings. He fixed them underground, where their actual bodies disintegrated and became one with the earth. Their spirits, notwithstanding, were godlike; their longing for retribution and desire for life saturated the earth, bringing about miasmas, plagues, beast assaults, and other such disasters. To suppress these unsettling influences, Morax called the Yakshas to help him in the fight, perpetually curbing the antiquated gods.

As the Archon War came to a nearby 2,000 a long time back, Morax arose as one of the seven victors. The Seven would feast together in Liyue. Morax additionally met Baal’s kagemusha, Beelzebul, during one of these gatherings. After two centuries, just Morax and Barbatos stayed as the first Archons among The Seven. The other five passed on and were in the long run supplanted.

Morax’s degree of inclusion in the fiasco 500 a long time back is presently obscure. Yet he knows about how significantly it impacted the Tsaritsa. An obscure party later made an agreement with him in which he wouldn’t reveal the reality of the episode to anybody who could ask.

Present Day

Primary articles: Zhongli/Lore and Chapter I

In the Archon Quest Chapter I, Act I, Part I: Rite of Descension, Rex Lapis is purportedly killed during the nominal Rite. And his vessel – known as the Exuvia – was taken more time to the Golden House by the Liyue Qixing.

In the Archon Quest Chapter I, Act III: A New Star Approaches, it just so happens. He assumed the type of Zhongli and impelled the greater part of the occasions of the section with the guide of the Tsaritsa and her agent, Signora. This was intended to be a test to check whether Liyue was prepared to continue on without his insurance. As he expected to resign from his situation as the Geo Archon. He gave his Gnosis as a feature of his agreement with the Tsaritsa, which he called “probably the greatest agreement in history”.

Eventually before the Rite of Parting – yet subsequent to giving his Gnosis over. Morax utilized an antiquated adepti craftsmanship to illuminate the two his individual adepti and the Liyue Qixing that he was as yet alive, yet had decided to venture down as the Geo Archon. Along these lines discouraging doubt put upon the Traveler for his “murder”.

Random data – In-game

  • There are puzzling markings on his sculpture that poor person yet been interpreted. In spite of the fact that they really do look similar to some degree dissolved current Liyue composing.
  • In the last piece of the mission Three Poignant Perfumes. It was shown that he enjoys the smell of Fate’s Yearning Perfume, the one which was liked by mature ladies.
  • Zhongli was vigorously foreshadowed to be Morax before it was affirmed with the arrival of Chapter I, Act III in Version 1.1:
  • Zhongli is incredibly learned about cash, government, and Liyue’s practices and history. He even recollects customs and customs that have been watered down, neglected, and lost to time – as though he was there himself.
  • At the point when he asks the Traveler and Paimon to recover the Cleansing Bell from Madame Ping for the Rite of Parting, Zhongli uniquely won’t go along with them. Madame Ping says that a “close buddy” gave her the Bell and that. Since they have come to get it, this companion probably “chose to assume control over issues. She likewise makes it a well-known fact that she is an Adeptus. And that implies Zhongli should be a lot more established than his obvious age would suggest.
  • In the wake of recovering the Cleansing Bell, the Traveler has the choice to ask Zhongli either in the event that he knows Madame Ping, or on the other hand assuming he is an adept. He affirms the previous and neglects to answer the latter.
  • Zhongli is displayed all through the story to have a few associations with Venti, the Anemo Archon.


  • Zhongli states that a companion from Mondstadt would continuously present to him a couple of containers of Dandelion Wine when they visited. Dandelion Wine is Venti’s #1 beverage.
  • Zhongli’s appearance is like that of the Statues of the Seven in Liyue. Similar as how Mondstadt’s Statues look like Venti. The image on his coat likewise matches the image on Rex Lapis‘ sculptures. Albeit the Geo Archon wears a hood on his sculptures which covers a large portion of his hairdo. It’s obvious that Zhongli and the Archon share similar bangs.
  • Zhongli’s hair blurs from dark to golden, like how Venti’s hair goes to blue-green at the closures of his meshes. This was a more grounded point during Version 1.0 when a large portion of the characters who had ombres in their hair were known or guessed to be more than common people. With the arrival of all the more obviously human characters with ombres in their hair. This point is presently not a solid point for finding Archon personalities going ahead. However they might in any case follow the patte.

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