What is Riddell Axiom Football Helmet And Price

What is Riddell Axiom Football Helmet?

The new Riddell Axiom football helmet has several unique features. It is made to protect the head from impact. The helmet’s fitting system scans a player’s head with a smartphone app. This scan can be completed by a coach, an equipment manager, or a player. Once the data is uploaded to a Riddell database, teams can analyze how many times they’ve had individual or team head collisions and how often they’ve happened.

Use Technology

The Axiom helmet includes Riddell’s InSite smart headset technology. This was previously available only as an add-on for the SpeedFlex. The smart helmet technology allows coaches to see where their players are hitting their head the most. This information can help them make better decisions on how to protect their players’ heads. The new helmet also includes a removable visor to reduce the amount of light entering the face.

Sensor Feature

The Riddell Axiom football helmet has built-in sensors that measure and track head impacts. Using this data, the helmet compares an athlete’s head impacts with Riddell’s database of over 8 million on-field impact cases. The Axiom is the first football helmet to incorporate a custom-fitting factory-installed visor. By utilizing the latest smart technology, players can get the exact fit they need.

Riddell Axiom Football Helmet Price

around $750

The price of a Riddell Axiom football helmet is expected to be around $700 for elite college players. This price includes a titanium face guard and some accessories. The helmet will be released in the winter and is initially targeted at college players. By spring, the Axiom will be available for purchase by high school students. When the NFL evaluates players in 2020, the Riddell Axiom will likely be on the evaluation posters. It could also be used in lacrosse and ice hockey.

Advanced Helmet

Riddell’s Axiom football helmet is one of the most advanced football helmets on the market today. Its built-in impact response system will record player hits and compare them to a database of 8 million on-field impacts. The helmet is a subscription-based service and does not include the InSite Analytics subscription. The Axiom also features a custom factory-installed visor.

How Do You Get a Riddell Axiom?

The Riddell Axiom helmet will be widely available in the fall of 2022, just in time for spring college practices and the NFL’s off-season OTA events. The helmet will cost around $700 for elite college players, and it comes with a titanium face guard and some accessories. Once it’s released to the public, the Axiom will only be used for limited college practices this winter, and it could appear on NFL evaluation posters next spring.

App Allow

The Riddell Axiom helmet is packed with the latest technologies, including an app that allows athletes to customize their helmet’s liner pads to fit their head. Players are fit for the helmet using the Verifyt app, which is a smartphone application. The app allows Riddell to customize each helmet with an athlete’s head size. This data is used to customize the helmet’s interior liner pads and fit.

How to Draw a Football Helmet

The first step is to draw a big circle to represent the outer shell of the football helmet. You can use a Geometric Compass to do this. Next, draw an oblong shape, which is a rectangular shape with unequal sides. Then, add a small triangle on the lower left corner of the circle. Lastly, draw a small quadrilateral on top of the oblong.


After you have sketched the basic outline, draw the face mask and the cross-circle. Finally, add the details to complete the helmet’s face mask. Once you’ve completed the basic drawing, you can proceed to color it. To color your finished drawing, you can either use watercolors or a permanent marker. If you’re a beginner, you can also try out free tutorials on the internet.


To draw the face mask, you can follow a simple guide online. Simply type in the name of the team and start drawing. This will lead you through all of the steps of the football helmet. Then, follow the instructions carefully until the final drawing is complete. If you’re a little more adventurous, you can try making your own football helmet out of paper. If you’re not comfortable with the process, you can also print out a tutorial on how to draw a football head.


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