Russell Wilson Injury Update For You Only

Russell Wilson Injury Update: Seahawks QB Likely To Return For Regular Season

It’s never a good feeling when you hear your favorite quarterback has been injured. In this article, we’ll go over the Russell Wilson injury update in detail, from the diagnosis to his current prognosis. You’ll also find out what his injury is, who else he’s been playing with and other relevant NFL news for your football needs.

Russell Wilson injury update: Seahawks quarterback

Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, suffered a knee injury during their game against the L.A. Rams on November 1. It was initially reported that he would be out for a few weeks. However, PT and MRI happened to show less damage than originally thought and it is now expected that he will return for the end of the regular season. This is great news for Seattle fans who may have been worried about missing out on some games this year!

How are the Seahawks different with Graham and Baldwin at wide receiver?

Russell Wilson has missed the last two games due to a knee injury. When he went down on Monday Night Football, we knew that it was a serious one. But as of today, he is expected to return for the regular season. The Seahawks have been without Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham since Week 4 and 5 due to injuries.

But because they are so talented and their roles in the offense are so different, there isn’t a huge difference when Russell misses one of them.

How has Doug Baldwin’s return impacted Seattle’s offense?

Doug Baldwin’s return to the lineup has been a breath of fresh air for the Seahawks. With him back, Russell Wilson has his favorite target back in the offense. Baldwin has 15 receptions and 167 yards in three games since returning. The Seahawks offense seems to be back on track now with Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett as receiving threats.

What games should fantasy football owners pay attention to with Wilson back in action? Russell Wilson Injury Update: Seahawks QB Likely To Return For Regular Season. What games should fantasy football owners pay attention to with Wilson back in action?

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How will the Seahawks offense be different with Doug Baldwin in the lineup?

Russell Wilson’s injury could be a blessing in disguise for the Seattle Seahawks. With him out and Doug Baldwin out, the offense will be more run-oriented. This is an important change, because with Russell Wilson under center and Doug Baldwin in the slot, defenses would just focus on keeping them contained. Now, they’ll have to pay more attention to the running backs/tight ends and that will allow for more opportunities for receivers on deep routes as well as YAC (yards after catch).

How many games has Russell Wilson missed due to injury?

Russell Wilson has missed 9 games due to injury. He had a high-ankle sprain at the end of November in 2017 that caused him to miss 3 games. He then was back on the field and cleared to play in Week 17, but he suffered a knee injury that caused him to miss 2 playoff games. The Seahawks QB started the season with a hamstring injury and had 2 more injuries during the first half of the season that caused him to miss 9 games. His full recovery is yet to be determined, but he is expected to return for the regular season opener.

How long was Russell Wilson out for injury?

Russell Wilson is an NFL quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. He has been injured on multiple occasions over his career and missed two games in 2018. In November, he sprained a knee ligament and was out for the following three weeks. On December 3, the Seahawks announced that Wilson was medically cleared to return to regular season play.

Russell wilson biography

Russell Wilson is a quarterback for the Seahawks who has been injured. He was originally expected to return in time for the postseason, but now his team doctor expects him to be ready for the playoff game on January 6th. This is great news for the Seattle Seahawks because they are currently tied with the Rams at 12-4 and are in first place. They are also without their other star player, Earl Thomas, who is still out with a broken leg.


In the end, Wilson’s injury may be more of a blessing in disguise. He will have several weeks to heal and get back into the game shape that he was in before the injury.

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