Seasonal rental: 5 tips for renting your house for the holidays

Make your holiday home rental friendly

The first thing to think about when you want to generate rental income on a seasonal basis is to provide decent and interesting accommodation to rent. First of all, you will therefore need to own an apartment or a house, a dwelling which will therefore be uninhabited for the duration of the rental. But, it is not enough to have a living space to rent, it must also meet rental standards, be what is called decent housing.

Then, this famous accommodation must be interesting to rent for potential customers. Even if making an effort on the decoration or the location of the property is not an obligation to rent, the fact remains that you will rent faster and more often (and also more expensive) if your accommodation is nicely furnished. , if it is well located or if it offers original services.

      • Make your holiday home rental friendly
      • holiday renting
      • Seasonal rental: 5 tips for renting your house for the holidaysSEE ALSO: Renting or sharing accommodation: who pays what?
      • Hire a professional to manage your vacation rental
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holiday renting

If you do not know how to make your property attractive, it may also be useful for you (it is an investment, but it will pay off) to call on an interior decorator. You also have to ask yourself the right questions, if your accommodation has several bedrooms, it may be suitable for a family, for example. In this context, it can be useful to think about providing travelers with a cot, a swimming pool for the children, a barrier for the stairs, etc.

If the accommodation would be more suitable for a couple, you can offer a “night out” type service with champagne, rose petals, etc. In any case, offering all the equipment that customers would need is a must: WIFI, for example, a fully equipped kitchen with coffee capsules already on site, bed linen, bath towels, etc. In short: think about making your accommodation unique, useful and pleasant!

Seasonal rental: 5 tips for renting your house for the holidaysSEE ALSO: Renting or sharing accommodation: who pays what?

A seasonal rental in the rules: declaration to the town hall, lease, classifying your accommodation…
You should also know that to rent accommodation, there are a few rules to follow. First, since you want to start a seasonal rental activity, you will have to declare this activity. And this is normal: this activity is professional, because you will receive income with this rental.

So, first of all, be sure to declare this activity to the town hall, to taxes, to the URSSAF. You will also need to obtain all the mandatory administrative documents that this entails. You can also have your accommodation listed at an additional cost. Obtaining a label for your accommodation allows you to have more customers, it is a guarantee of quality. So think about this too. In the same way, you will have to establish a tenancy agreement in the rules for each of the customers.

Hire a professional to manage your vacation rental

You may not know it, but most owners who want to rent a vacation rental use an annex agency to manage the rental. Indeed, you already have to be careful to make your property clean for its rental, to declare your activity, so you already have a lot of responsibilities. And, sometimes, it is more interesting to call on a professional to relieve you of certain aspects, in particular those which you know less.

A seasonal rental professional can, for example, take charge of distributing your rental ad, find travelers for you, also manage conflicts… In short, an additional agency manages your activity for you to make it profitable in your interest.

So be sure to contact a seasonal rental management professional beforehand. This will save you time, even if some agencies charge a fee. Again, as with the interior designer, this is an investment that pays off well.

seasonal rental tips (1)

Rent fast: Set the right price to rent your house during the holidays and attract people
Setting up a seasonal rental can be very complicated to do alone. This is why it is useful to call in the professionals. Nevertheless, it is indeed you who set the prices of your seasonal rental. AT

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