SEO Tips and Best Practices for Insurance Agents & Companies

When modern consumers want to buy a product or service, their search usually starts with an internet search. Insurance products are no exception. Your insurance plans could be exactly what potential customers are looking for, but when they are unable to find your company or insurance policies in search engine result pages, they are likely to turn to one of your competitors. And SEO is the only way to boost your visibility in search engines and appear in more relevant search results.

Whether you are an insurance agent or a company, below are some proven SEO tips and best practices you can take on to climb up in search engines to generate more sales.

Keyword Research

The core purpose of search engine optimization for insurance companies is to optimize the website in a way that if someone searches for insurance-related phrases or keywords like ‘’best insurance plans’’, then the company website must appear in the top search results. And keyword research is the very step of doing SEO for a brand or business. This helps you find the most relevant and popular keywords that the target audience uses when searching online.

For example, if you are selling funeral insurance policies, proper keyword research will help you find top keywords related to funeral insurance that people use to find funeral insurance plans. Then you can use those keywords on your insurance company website to increase your website’s visibility in different search engines like Google.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your competitors is one of the best ways to find the top keywords your competitors are using and driving traffic from. This also gives you an idea that how you can incorporate those keywords on your insurance website to get more traffic. You can also get content ideas from your competitors to create high-quality content.

Quality Content

Creating high-quality and informative content is very much important for insurance companies to boost their SEO efforts. When creating content, like website copy or blog posts, make sure to use recently found keywords via keyword research for proper optimization. Quality content is not just about using keywords, but it must deliver great value to the readers and help them solve insurance-related issues they might be facing. You can also hire an insurance SEO agency to outsource content creation as they can better handle the job to help you rank higher in search results.

Claim Business Profiles on Local Listings

Local listing in SEO is all about creating profiles on local directories and review websites like ‘’YELP’’ using accurate and authentic business details. These details may include the name of your insurance company, business address, contact details, and website, etc. Search engines then present those profiles to your customer when they search for your insurance agency or products you offer. Local listing helps a lot in local SEO to drive more local traffic.

Build Strong and Relevant Backlinks

Backlink building is an important aspect of insurance SEO as it increases the authority of your insurance website. When it comes to build backlinks, you must find some relevant and high-authority sites and publish quality content on them featuring your insurance company or particular insurance products. Guest posts, press releases, product reviews, infographics, and directory submission are some of the best ways to build backlinks. You can also work with a linkbuilding company to get some quality backlinks without spending a lot of bucks.

Get More Reviews

Customer reviews and testimonials are important when you want to rank your insurance company higher in search engines. When there are more positive reviews across your digital properties, search engines are more likely to present your insurance company on top of results as a trusted platform. To increase the brand image of your insurance agency, make sure to ask your happy customers to leave positive reviews on your website and social media profiles like Facebook. Getting more reviews and positive feedback makes your insurance company an ideal choice for potential insurance customers.


Search engine optimization is a popular and result-driven digital marketing technique to boost the online presence of your insurance company. Incorporating the latest and most effective insurance SEO tips and techniques allow you to stand out from competitors in search engine result pages and generate more leads.

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