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What is Shackledcraft Forums ?

Shackledcraft Forums is an online community for players of the MMORPG, Shackled Isle. With a forum dedicated to every aspect of the game, from in-game help to player-made maps and guides, there’s always something for everyone on Shackledcraft Forums.

Whether you’re just starting out, looking for advice on how to best play your class, or seeking out fellow players for co-operative quests,shackledcraft forums has everything you need to get ahead in the game.

Posting Guidelines

Please read these guidelines before posting on the shackledcraft forums. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your posts being removed or edited without prior notice.

The Shackledcraft Forums are a public forum and as such all members are expected to behave in a civil and courteous manner. This means that offensive, inflammatory, or derogatory language will not be tolerated. Additionally, posts that are off-topic, advertisements, or that violate any of the site’s posting guidelines may be removed or edited without prior notice.

All posts must be related to Shackledcraft in one way or another. Posts about personal attacks against other members, requests for assistance with game mechanics, or discussions unrelated to the game will not be tolerated.

Posts should be made in a timely manner and should stay on topic. If you feel that your post has been removed as an error, please notify a moderator so that it may be restored.

Advertising and Spamming

This blog section is dedicated to advertising and spamming. This includes posting links to websites that offer free products or services, posts about how to make money fast, and posts about making money through online scams.

Filing a Complaint

If you have a complaint about shackledcraft forums, the best place to go is the forums. This is where you can file a complaint and get help from other players. You can also find helpful information here about how to resolve your issue.


Thank you for joining us on the ShackledCraft forums! We’re excited to have you here and we hope you enjoy your time spent chatting with our community. If there’s anything you need help with, don’t hesitate to let us know. We would love to be able to help you out in any way possible.

Thanks again for joining us, and we’ll see you soon!

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