Meet skedula,the mobile solution for teachers

What is skedula?

Skedula is a mobile solution for teachers that helps manage and organize their classroom. Teachers can create, edit and share calendars, assignments and notes with other teachers, parents or students. skedula is easy to use and can be access from any device.

Why Teachers Need to be Mobile

Skedula is a mobile solution for teachers that allows them to access their classes from any device. It helps teachers keep up with the ever-changing needs of their students and classrooms, making learning more efficient and accessible. skedula is perfect for busy teachers who need to be able to work from anywhere.

Here are just a few reasons why skedula is such a valuable tool for educators:

-Skedula allows educators to monitor student progress through interactive graphs and charts.

-It gives educators the ability to manage their classroom schedule and assignments from anywhere.

-It offers an easy way for educators to share resources with other teachers in the district.

How skedula Helps Teachers in the Classroom


Skedula is a mobile solution that helps educators in the classroom. It allows teachers to access information and resources on the go, without having to leave their desks. Skedula also provides support for student attendance and communication. This is a great fit for educators in the classroom who are looking to help their students stay in school, improve attendance, and get better grades.

How Skedula Works. Teachers can use skedula by creating an account that is linked to their school’s email address. When they receive attendance and communication requests via Skedula, they simply need to click on the request from their student and download the information from their desktop computer. While this may not be as fast as having an automated attendance system on your desktop, it is more convenient than waiting until you get home to access your emails or log into your student records.

With mobile access, teachers will have more time in the classroom with their students,

Types of Schools and Teachers

Skedula is the perfect mobile solution for teachers. It can be used in any type of school, from elementary schools to universities. Skedula makes it easy for teachers to keep track of student assignments, attendance, and grades. It is also great for scheduling classes and tracking student progress. Skedula is available on iOS and Android devices, so there is a version for everyone. true

Examples of Schools and Teachers that Use skedula

The Skedula mobile solution is being use by a number of schools and teachers. The program is easy to use and can be customize to fit the needs of any school or teacher. Here are a few examples:

-A school in Illinois uses Skedula to manage student absences. It is simple to enter the date, time, and reason for the absence, and the system automatically generates a report that is sent to the parents.

-A high school in Massachusetts uses Skedula to keep track of student grades and assignments. Teachers can easily add new assignments, grades, and comments, and students can view their progress over time.

-A charter school in California uses Skedula to track attendance and student performance. The system keeps track of who is absent, when they were absent, what classes they were absent from, what grades they received, and how many days late they were.


In this article, we take a look at the Skedula app, which is design to make it easy for teachers to manage their school schedules and tracking. The app has been specifically tailor to meet the needs of educators, and includes features such as an online calendar, teacher profiles, attendance tracking, and more. If you are in charge of scheduling classes or managing student absences in your school district, then Skedula is definitely worth taking a look at.

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