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Social Media Misuse and Free Speech

Social Media Misuse and Free Speech

Social Media Misuse and Free Speech

Recently, there has been a lot of worry about people using social media to attack the government, judges, the military, journalists, and private people. The government has responded with new laws, like expanding the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act and passing a defamation law in Punjab. “Social Media Misuse and Free Speech”

There is much debate about these actions. Many agree that social media misuse is a problem, but activists and journalists warn that these laws should not restrict free speech. Everyone knows there is a problem, but they disagree on how to fix it.

A powerful group recently called some online actions ‘digital terrorism.’ They are very worried about social media abuse, and many people share this concern. However, calling social media criticism terrorism seems too extreme.

Pakistan has fought a long and hard battle against real terrorism, losing many lives. Comparing the online actions of a few people to terrorism is too much. The authorities should take a more thoughtful approach. The problems in society are not just because of social media. Leaders, both civilian and military, are part of the same society and should understand their role in the issues.

The strong emotions online show the deep social and political problems in the country. Unless these root problems are fixed, people will continue to act in harmful ways. Simply calling critics ‘digital terrorists’ and starting a crackdown won’t work and may make things worse. “Social Media Misuse and Free Speech”

We need a wider, inclusive discussion on managing social media challenges while respecting free speech. A kinder approach is needed to heal the divisions in society. Only with patience and understanding can this issue be resolved.


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