The Best Way to Keep Pests Out of Outdoor Dumpsters

Dumpsters are best for keeping your garbage, but what do you do about the pests that love the garbage? It doesn’t take long for pests to creep in. Some pests might find dumpsters to be the perfect home, which would be bad for business.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your Dumpster Rental free of pests and other larger annoyances. Maggots and all those small creatures creeping in your dumpster don’t sound great, right?


The placement of the dumpsters should be according to the type of dumpster. Keep the dumpster away from the building. If the dumpster were kept near the restaurants, it could lead to hygiene issues.

Additionally, there is a good chance that larger insects and species will get inside the restaurants, which could be risky if the species is poisonous. So it is better to keep the dumpsters at a safe distance. 

Food Waste 

Don’t put food in the trash can if you can help it. Nowadays, food waste is a major problem; every day, a lot of food is thrown out. Food is known to get rotten fast. The rotten smell attracts flies and other insects. 

Avoid dumping food waste and other trash in the same dumpster. Keep a separate dumpster for food waste. Take out the food waste at centers where it can be taken away by animals. 

Protect the Dumpster

Pick up the dumpster with a cap. A closed dumpster is much better than an open dumpster. By making sure to close the cap of the dumpster, you can avoid some insects, but a raccoon, a squirrel, or a possum can easily break into the cap. 

You can get certain traps to protect the dumpster. You can ask the dumpster rental company to provide the cap. 


If you can’t avoid putting away things that will definitely attract pests, you can use repellents. Repellents that are not very toxic to the environment and keep the pests away are your best bet. choice. Choose the repellent according to the surroundings, as some repellents are very toxic. Reapply repellents from time to time. 

What Not to Do?

Don’t keep the dumpster open. Keep the lock secure. Don’t throw trash outside the dumpster. Keep the area clean where the dumpster is. Make sure to keep the trash in bags, clean the dumpster, and don’t keep a rusty or cracked dumpster.

Don’t let the dumpster stay for a long time. Call the dumpster rental company as soon as the dumpster is full. If the dumpster unit is dirty, the chances of attracting maggots and flies are high. Clean the dumpster regularly. Try to go for a closed unit, as open units will attract more pests. 


Everybody wants cleanliness but doesn’t want to put a lot of effort into it. You can avoid all those toxic creatures just by using a few tips. Applying small changes will help you protect your dumpster from pests. Pests can be harmful to you, especially if you are in the hospitality industry. Use the tips wisely and protect the Residential Junk Removal Services and your business.

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