Tips for Choosing the Perfect Font for Your Logo

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Font for Your Logo

Developing a brand identity is a challenging task, particularly when you have to choose from a million fonts, colors, and images. The first thing you need to know is that the font in your logo is critical to conveying your business to customers. It needs to be unique, memorable, legible, and able to convey brand character. To help you choose the perfect font for your brand, we’ve created a guide that outlines the different font categories and how to use them to narrow down your search.

Understanding Font Categories

Font categories, or classifications, are the starting point for selecting and combining fonts. Each category has its own unique characteristics that can affect the look of your font and help you determine the right relationship to your brand. Below are six basic types of font classifications:

  1. Sans serif, antique
  2. Sans serif, grotesque
  3. Sans serif, grotesque, brusque
  4. Handwritten
  5. Lettering
  6. Accented

How to Combine Fonts?

Once you’ve narrowed down the font category that fits your brand personality, it’s time to choose additional fonts. There are many style variations in each category that affect the look of each font, and how you combine fonts also plays a huge role.

Use a bold serif header and a sans serif subheader to create the look of an accessible but trustworthy brand.

Use one of the sans serif fonts to create a modern, professional, corporate look. You can try combining a bold version of a simple sans serif font with a regular version of the same font for an elegant and professional look.

Use thin, stylized sans serif fonts for an elegant style.

Use thick, rounded sans serif fonts for a youthful, friendly look.

Use one traditional serif font for a confident, trustworthy feeling. You can change the capitalization of the font for a different look.

Make Sure Your Brand Fonts Meet These Three Basic Requirements

Once you’ve chosen one or two branded fonts that fit your brand personality, you need to check if they meet these three basic requirements:

  • Branded fonts need to be flexible. They should work on any medium, such as print, web, and mobile devices.
  • Branded fonts should have multiple weight options. Multiple font weights are critical to building a clear hierarchy of text, and to differentiate between headlines, subheadings, body text, footnotes, and quotations in both print and online media.
  • Branded fonts need to be clear and legible. They should be easy to read and understand for any text.


Choosing the perfect font for your brand is an essential step in creating a successful brand identity. By understanding font categories, combining fonts, and following the three basic requirements, you can make sure your branding is memorable, unique, and effectively conveys your brand to customers. Good luck with your brand identity!

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