Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 (Manga)

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 (Manga)

There is no repairing is the 200 and thirty-fourth Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 (Manga).

Summary of Takemichi tolerating the fault

As Mikey gets ready to convey a last blow, Takemichi blacks out, his vision turning dim.

Takemichi awakens in the medical clinic with extreme wounds in his neck, arm, and face; he wears a breathing device. He observes Koko in his room, who illuminates Takemichi that he stayed oblivious for three days following the standoff of the Three Deities. Whenever Takemichi considers how he is alive, Koko makes sense of that Senju bowed to Mikey to safeguard Takemichi. The Battle of Three Deities finished up with the passings of Draken and South Terano, the converging of Rokuhara Tandai and Kanto Manji Gang, and the disintegration of Brahman. Koko passes on Takemichi to deal with the fight’s result. Prior to falling once again into obviousness, Takemichi contemplates Senju’s penance and Mikey’s destructive change. He thinks about the thing he is doing previously.

Takemichi awakens once more

At the point when Takemichi awakens once more, he observes Chifuyu next to him, who lets him know he went to Draken’s memorial service. In tears, Chifuyu questions Takemichi, asking what’s up with him; he changed the future with Draken’s demise. Chifuyu inquires as to why Takemichi returned in the event that what’s to come was working out positively for everybody. Angrily misery stricken, Chifuyu yells, nearly faulting Takemichi for Draken’s passing. However holds back, saying ‘sorry’ Nonetheless, Takemichi concurs with his culpability and requests that Chifuyu leave. As he leaves, still in tears, Chifuyu offers Takemichi a fast recuperation so he can thump him vigorously.

In the corridor, Chifuyu experiences Hina, who changed out the blossoms in Takemichi’s room. She comments on Chifuyu’s short visit, befuddled by his way of behaving. In his room, Takemichi apologizes to Chifuyu, promising not to get any other individual associating with his objectives.

Characters arranged by Appearance


  1. Takemichi Hanagaki
  2. Manjiro Sano
  3. Hajime Kokonoi
  4. Senju Kawaragi (Flashback)
  5. Takeomi Akashi (Flashback)
  6. Wakasa Imaushi (Flashback)
  7. Keizo Arashi (Flashback)
  8. South Terano (Flashback)
  9. Chifuyu Matsuno
  10. Ken Ryuguji (referenced)
  11. Hinata Tachibana

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 spilled spoilers: Everyone faults Takemichi

There have been no crude sweeps of Tokyo Revengers part 234 delivered for this present week. Yet the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 spilled spoilers have sent fans into fear and disarray.

Note: The spilled spoilers are not affirmed, they appear to be simply decently prone to work out as expected when Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 is delivered on December 8, Wednesday.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 spilled spoilers declare Draken’s burial service

In Tokyo Revengers chapter 234, we saw Mikey beat Takemichi into the ground. While Koko and Senju watch astonished, unfit to do anything. Takemichi calls out to out Mikey, yet it is muddled on the off chance that Mikey halted.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 spilled spoilers

Recently, Twitter client Eden/ia posted two separate spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234. The first peruses, “Takemichi awakens in a medical clinic, Koko is there in the room and lets him know that Senju halted Mikey saying that the conflict was finished and that Kanto had won”.

The second Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 spilled spoiler peruses “Chifuyu shows up the following day and informs Takemichi concerning Draken’s burial service. He tells her that everybody was in shock and that they faulted Takemichi for what had occurred. Takemichi acknowledges the fault and says he would rather not include any other individual.”

In the event that the Tokyo Revengers part 234 spilled spoilers are right

In the event that the Tokyo Revengers part 234 spilling spoilers are right, a couple of things can be derived. First and foremost, as detached and inert as Mikey appeared to be in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233, he actually yields to common sense and releases Takemichi upon Senju’s consistent contention. In any case, this additionally implies that he didn’t perceive Takemichi or feel anything for pounding him, showing a sharp downfall of Mikey’s psychological state.

Koko, then again, is by all accounts compensating for each stumble Mikey is making, and notwithstanding having joined his Kanto Manji posse, Koko appears to hold a Toman profound quality and affection for Takemichi. It is amazing that after awakening in the medical clinic in Tokyo Revengers part 234 spilled spoilers, Takemichi would meet Koko, and not somebody from Brahman or Senju herself.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 spilled spoilers propose Matsuno Chifuyu’s return

Also, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 spilled spoilers propose Matsuno Chifuyu’s return. As per Tokyo Revengers part 234 spilled spoilers, Draken’s burial service happens in this Chapter. It is an obvious sign from mangaka Wakui that the fans’ expectation of Draken being alive won’t be satisfied.

Chifuyu stays with Takemichi in the medical clinic, apparently, and educates him regarding Draken’s burial service. As Draken was a vagrant, almost certainly, the individuals who went to his burial service were all previous individuals from Tokyo Manji group, and Inui Seishu.

To have these individuals, who were both Takemichi’s confidants. And companions in center school, fault Takemichi for Draken’s passing isn’t just unfortunate, yet in addition has broad results.

In the event that Tokyo Revengers part 234 spilled spoilers are right, Takemichi is really alone in this timetable, having removed himself from Hina and Chifuyu to safeguard them, having lost Draken and with Mikey in his off the wall state, and presently with every one individuals on whom he could depend on evading him.

Takemichi tolerating the fault

Takemichi tolerating the fault would likewise demonstrate his own cognitive deterioration. And this disengagement could guide Takemichi into a more obscure bearing.

In this course of events, Takemichi’s trigger to time travel is Mikey himself, not Naoto. Accordingly, Takemichi couldn’t get back to the future to pull together, or to perceive how the future has changed. Assuming that Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 spilled spoilers are right. He is basically trapping in this course of events, with no accomplice and no companions, having lost one individuals nearest to him and having been pummeled by another.

Anyway it appears to be profoundly far-fetch that Chifuyu. He, who is faithful to say the least, would fault Takemichi for things outside his ability to do anything about like Tokyo Revengers part 234 spilled spoilers propose.

We can hang tight for Tokyo Revengers part 234 to perceive how our legend handles this. Tokyo Revengers part 234 will be authoritatively deliverable on December 7 or 8 for certain areas. It will be accessible for perusing on Kodansha’s web-based stages.


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