Top 5 Things to Know About American Culture

Ever since its discovery in 1492, America has been a thriving continent with useful resources and products. In today’s world, The United States are still a major contributor to the political and economical scene, but that’s not all. America has managed to remain an important location when it comes to industry, pop culture and many other areas of life.

Here is a list of the core values that ensure integrity among all the states, including citizen’s mindset, education, and culture. These have been the foundation of their success and global recognition.


This value is especially important when it comes to doing business in America. With huge brands known for their products and marketing, it is safe to say that this country is the home of competition. It’s also very beneficial for the development of the whole society, as American culture thrives on innovation and new technology. This principle cannot be omitted when talking about sports either, but we’ll get to that later.

Countless essay examples can be found on the topic of how competition affects invention and benefits the economic system, since entrepreneurs often compete on price


The iconic Declaration of Independence has a special place in the american culture. In fact, every student needs to know the basic statements of this document. It was announced on 4th July 1776, and until now, this day of the year is a big celebration for the entire country. The most essential conclusion of the declaration was that The States separate from Great Britain and are now a country on their own.

The Declaration of Independence was also a revolutionary thing worldwide, with other countries following the path and stating their independence later on. A good american can be measured by how much respect they have towards the concept of independence.


Due to its history of colonization and many years of culture mixing, as well as the fact of immigration, America is widely diverse. People of various races and languages can be found in The United States, which makes the country seem welcoming to all. This mixture of cultural influences leads to a great selection of foods, clothes, and even places where you live.

The diversity is also visible when it comes to the geographic, different climates and city structures. However, no matter where you live, equality is also a value, especially at university and jobs.


Nothing excites the American people like sports. You can hate politics, business, but sports? Everybody has their favourite team, and they cheer for it with all their heart. The popular disciplines include basketball and football. With recognized leagues, such as the NBA or NFL, these sports are sure to gather many viewers and get everyone excited when a match begins! The scene is also large when it comes to college tournaments and scholarships.

In the last couple of years, even Formula 1 has made the effort to appear more in The States, organizing races and producing Netflix shows to attract customers. The great impact of America is now seen, and slowly new sports are coming into the market, which surely has a lot of potential.

Think BIG

The motto of every american thinker. This single sentence is a perfect description of the mentality present in America. Literally. WIth 50 states and almost 330 million citizens, it is essential for people to stick to this value.

Famous superstars, known movies and songs, popular brands, food from all over the world, world-class politicians. These are just some examples of why the United States always want it all, and usually achieve it.


While it might be quite hard to pinpoint the exact reason why USA’s success, it’s effortless to notice all the things that add up. Having the advantage of being an important international voice, with many dense cities and brands representing you worldwide, this is no surprise.

The points included in this essay showcase why every American is so proud of their country and loves their flag. There is a lesson to be learnt from these people, no matter where you’re from. You should take pride in your background and stick to your roots.


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