Top Career Opportunities In Germany

If you’re one of the thousands who are planning to make a career in Germany, you’d be elevated to find out that Germany has a lot of opportunities. Further, the country is also facing a shortage of skills so they’re always after recruits. So that begs the question, what are the two career opportunities in Germany? The highest paying jobs are in the engineering, marketing, and healthcare fields. Some other fields include automobiles, textiles, travel, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the top career opportunities in Germany.

Sales Manager

The degree required for this is a Master in Sales and Management. The increasing growth in the retail and sales sector is set to create more opportunities for sales professionals. The main requirement to fit into this role is an active strategic mind to effectively enter the market while considering its needs and demands. 

Healthcare Professional

Germany has an aging native population.  As such, it is expected to have a shortage of healthcare professionals in the coming years. Individuals from outside Europe can come with a medicine degree and get a license to practice medicine here. EU applicants can also easily obtain one given that their degrees are equivalent to the Herman Masters in Medicine. 

Biotech and Neuroscience 

Neuroscience and Biotechnology researchers are always highly sought after in all counties. Germany has an environment of research so such professionals will fit right in. They need a masters in Biotechnology or Neuroscience to start their research. They also get paid very well with an annual salary upward of € 50,000. Professionals with expertise in these fields can come to Germany and apply their work to various forms of precautionary research. 

IT and Data Science

IT industries are always in demand of professional developers to match their demand. With the internet being the world’s largest marketing hub, it’s no surprise that this is where most of the world’s brand awareness initiatives take place. And to employ the full power of these platforms, the presence of Data scientists is necessary. This is why most companies spare no resources to onboard talented workers. It’s no surprise that IT and data scientists have consistently shown higher annual wages over the years. 


An engineering degree is a sure-fire way to launch your career. After all, it never goes out of importance. All fields of engineering like mechanical, electrical, automotive, etc are viable fields with a high amount of opportunities available.  Engineering professionals are highly sought by companies due to their problem-solving abilities and work ethics. 

Finance and Accounting

While all those industries are raring, there is also the need for people to manage them. Managing companies and dealing with accounting is no easy task. And this is recognized by everyone. This is why these jobs are considered very important by employers. Companies employ trained financial offices to help them handle and manage their business finances. After all, you can’t excel in financial planning if you’re unaware of accounting principles. 

Tutors / Lecturers

German education is considered one of the best in the world. Naturally, tutors and lecturers are a big part of what makes it so great. This is why this is a highly respectable career in Germany. As education focuses intensively on raising a promising future generation, the need for well-qualified and trained teachers is important. 

Tourism and Hospitality

Germany is an engaging place for tourism due to its cultural heritage and amalgamation. The tourism sector has gotten a lot richer over the years as more and more people travel across Germany. Naturally, this means more demand for tourism and hospitality workers. And although the sector has taken a hit recently, it is back on track. 

How to prepare for your move to Germany?

Germany is a popular destination for expats. And if you’ve managed to clinch a job in the country, it is vital to  know certain things before you complete your move to Germany. A move included several issues from changes in motoring laws to immigration problems. To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s how you should prepare before moving to Germany.

  • Research Everything
  • Arrange a Visa
  • Get a Health Insurance
  • Find a residence 
  • Move your belongings
  • Learn the Language (Optional)


Some people will move to Germany with a job in their back pocket, while others will either go first and find a job later or simply go for a study program and delay the job search for later. Supplementing your education isn’t a bad idea either. As this will give you time to adapt, familiarize yourself, upgrade your qualifications and give you more time to land yourself a better job opportunity.

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